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New trading pairs with STASIS EURS

Created 21.08.2019 18:16
Dear clients, new markets BTC/EURS, ETH/EURS are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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Noah Coin Swap

Created 20.08.2019 17:21
Dear clients, due to the pending transfer of the NOAH coin onto the mainnet, as has been announced by the developers, we request you to immediately withdraw your Noah Coin from the Exchange and carry out the swap by yourself.
The Exchange is not taking part in the swap.
Withdrawal is available until the coin transfer to the mainnet is completed; after that Noah Coin will be delisted from the Exchange, no claims shall be receivable thereafter.
You can find more details about the swap here
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ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH) and Crypto Price Platform (CPP) Airdrop

Created 20.08.2019 11:27
Dear clients, by the decision of ALLBI developers, we are going to run an Airdrop of ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH) and Crypto Price Platform (CPP) for our Exchange users

How to get the ALLBI Cash:
You have to Hold in your account at 30.09.2019 minimum:
10 000 ALLBI Tokens+10 000 LEX Tokens+100 000 LibraF Tokens+100 000 WP Tokens

If you meet these conditions, you will receive ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH) in the following ratio:
Bitcoin Cash 1:1 ALLBIH
LibraF 1: 0.01 ALLBIH
WP 1: 0.01 ALLBIH
Official website -
ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH) Total supply: 99 000 000 Tokens

September 30 will also be held Airdrop Crypto Price Platform (CPP).
How to get the CPP Tokens?
No Limit! You just need to own someone of this Tokens!
You will receive Airdrop in the ratio:
LEX 1: 5 CPP
LibraF 1: 0.2 CPP
WP 1: 0.2 CPP
Official website -
Crypto Price Platform (CPP) Total supply: 675 000 000 Tokens
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TokenCard news

Created 20.08.2019 11:04
Dear clients, TokenCard rebrands will take place at our Exchange soon, according the developer request.
At the developer's request, the asset title has been changed from TokenCard to Monolith (the ticker TKN remained the same).
You can find more details about the swap here
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Monero news

Created 20.08.2019 10:37
Dear clients, as you may know from the earlier news on Livecoin and at the cryptocurrency news portals, our exchange has been impacted by the vulnerability in Monero cryptocurrency code, with the consequence that XMR coins were stolen from several Exchanges, including ours.
After that, we have been trying to obtain damages from Monero developers for a long time, with no success.
Below, we submit timeline, showing that the attack had been undertaken before the developers released an appropriate vulnerability fix. For that reason, we suspect that the attack might conducted by the said asset insiders - they could be either some of the developers, or some of the code auditors (they provided services to the Monero developers).
Besides, it is known for a fact, that the developers of Monero didn’t notify anybody about the critical vulnerability, which allow to freely change the displaying amounts in transactions. It was not a hard job for the developers to post proper warning at the official website news section (we are constantly monitoring such notifications for all projects, to avoid losses).
Besides, according to the news at cryptocurrency news portals, it became known that the developers knew about the vulnerability long before the attacks on exchanges (our exchange wasn’t the only one to suffer losses), however, they didn’t find it necessary even to notify somebody of that, or, they were guided by other reasons. The said vulnerability was revealed by the Monero developers a lot later than the attacks had happened, and wasn’t classified as critical, which is indicating either very poor approach to the safety of Monero code, or involvement of someone from the developers’ team into the attacks on the exchanges with the purpose of stealing clients' coins. Also, none of the official Monero block explorers were functioning at that very moment, which adds even more suspicions about the insiders’ actions.
All the aforesaid is purely our personal assessment and does not aim for formal legal charges.

The attack was undertaken on July, 20, 2018 and continued for a few days. Here are some of the scam transactions for example. That was how the Monero node “saw” the transactions - pay attention to the amounts - the real amounts were absolutely different, they were drastically smaller.

show_transfer 0a9bc6e8312288bf26883a38ed58dbd0a69114164e22610fd2ee9498ce8b916f
show_transfer c7605527df26ae29b464f7029535c4a05c4acf7b1d944e1f72a649f5044df6bf
show_transfer 14bcccd9411cd390ea4e02ba6473e30b68ff14dc128b9264bc2feacd77dd2478
show_transfer cb181a2843b928224e5b90cc077e31c5674cd130134d66989d7c87920646d891
show_transfer b734edcb2e2db8807b05f09aa4129a213cdeefb24455eb666ce8d8177a0ee7ec

Height: 1623790
Timestamp: 2018-07-24
Amount: 13700.000000000000
Payment ID: 1b7f9d9ca21512ba

Height: 1622157
Timestamp: 2018-07-22
Amount: 985.000000000000
Payment ID: 1b7f9d9ca21512ba

Height: 1621064
Timestamp: 2018-07-20
Amount: 150.000000000000
Payment ID: 1b7f9d9ca21512ba

Height: 1621030
Timestamp: 2018-07-20
Amount: 150.000000000000
Payment ID: 1b7f9d9ca21512ba

Height: 1621014
Timestamp: 2018-07-20
Amount: 150.000000000000
Payment ID: 1b7f9d9ca21512ba

On July 24, 2018, the new version of the node was released, but the update wasn’t critical, it was a routine, even though the vulnerability was critical. We updated the node within 2 days after the update had been released, which is a standard procedure of our operating with nodes.
After the node update, the amounts of previous incoming transactions changed - they decreased. On the same day, we tried to contact the Monero developers and disabled both the deposit and withdrawal. However, in course of our communication, the developers refused to pay damages caused by their actions, namely, the non-notification of the vulnerability in the Monero code, of which the developers were well aware long before the attacks on the exchanges, as well as the absence of news about the vulnerability in the official Monero information channels, and also the insider operations or inaction towards the critical vulnerability.

In such cases (losses caused by the actions or inaction of the developers), we proceed in accordance with our User Agreement, which is: we take all possible effort to try to get the funds’ recovery from the developers, using all the existing options and possibilities. In case of the other party refuses to cooperate, we are forced to delist such an asset, as we do quite often, because, regretfully, not all the developers understand and bear responsibility for security of their software/service/project to the clients. In case the developers refuse to pay damages, caused by their actions or inaction, our service does not provide the funds’ reimbursement, which was clearly stated in our User Agreement from the very beginning of our work, because we are unable bear more responsibility than the developers/owners of one or another cryptocurrency.

We willingly provide refund on the losses of our customers’ funds, if that happened through our fault; as you may know, we have done that a few times in the past. The Monero case is different, because we were following a standard security protocol and timely made the updates – that is why we don’t see any fault of ours for the given situation.

The said asset will be delisted on August 30 2019.
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World Politics (WP Token) Airdrop completed

Created 19.08.2019 19:30
Dear clients, WP Token Airdrop completed
1035 clients have got their tokens.
Trading, deposit/withdrawal will be opened in the nearest future.
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QuarkChain Token Swap

Created 16.08.2019 16:26
Dear clients, due to the pending transfer of the QKC coin onto the mainnet, as has been announced by the developers, we request you to immediately withdraw your QuarkChain coins from the Exchange and carry out the swap by yourself.
The Exchange is not taking part in the swap.
Withdrawal is available until the coin transfer to the mainnet is completed; after that QuarkChain will be delisted from the Exchange, no claims shall be receivable thereafter.
You can find more details about the swap here
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New trading pairs with Bitcoin Short

Created 16.08.2019 12:30
Dear clients, new markets BSHORT/BTC, BSHORT/ETH and BSHORT/USD are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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Livecoin support WINk (WIN) Airdrop

Created 16.08.2019 10:35
Dear clients, we support WIN Airdrop for all TRON (TRX) holders
The airdrop snapshot will be taken August 28, 2019
If you want to participate, deposit TRX to your Livecoin account before August 27.
You can read about Airdrop WIN here
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New trading pairs with Viral Media Token

Created 16.08.2019 09:50
Dear clients, new markets VMT/BTC, VMT/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pairs with ETHERCASH

Created 15.08.2019 17:21
Dear clients, new markets ETCA/BTC, ETCA/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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STONE COIN IEO completed

Created 15.08.2019 15:31
Dear clients, the IEO of STO (STONE COIN) was successfully completed.
Trading, deposit/withdrawal will be opened in the nearest future
STO contest completed, prize distribution
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STONE COIN contest completed

Created 15.08.2019 13:57
Dear clients, STO (STONE COIN) contest completed
Winners got STO awards onto their accounts at Livecoin:

0e87046bde769f3dbab2d2d6c3ab986e - 2 STO
718408139a08a078d3ab37d92783f222 - 2 STO
5295a49f327db9947555842b04901201 - 2 STO
914ea9c4e5a3de454e9b006449667c86 - 2 STO
51c663aad6da9c2622b880b00c751304 - 2 STO
7bc77d050f8755fd47813e046e81b41a - 2 STO
c8b721b77ccfe2443860de226ae617ee - 2 STO
1f0187027737532824afaf5296eb4323 - 2 STO
b386407f77b62fa3954801a8500c4dbc - 2 STO
de81a594d2a84ad3eeabe7dfebdc29c2 - 2 STO
b6612668b427e6ce4cdae92faf9fa318 - 2 STO
bf0e05827c8ef5125fdc1811a83be51e - 2 STO
8faddf74731bf02e0c9cccc804a98731 - 2 STO
239a98bb2756807a8bc7eba2f03f34b3 - 2 STO
453727dcc06e0ae82dbade9b257cf6f0 - 2 STO
1e848ed5b86021ec36ebf4ffb162404a - 2 STO
0b0b04f0015f7f3365d17d0db1b5892e - 2 STO
4b54f72262cfa446e55d5e521d805f85 - 2 STO
90561f4ec673506a7ba23115b3fe8ee5 - 2 STO
f82bd44021abd78eea9900acc382f3ee - 2 STO
4e8c68254096d518b14096d51fe415bb - 2 STO
eefbf6c380ca8f22deed3d2286f3e77a - 2 STO
bd459e228e97cd53f272da85fae7006f - 2 STO
6041f545bf97dea1bdd24e84255077d7 - 2 STO
cd8659e3e1566386822c23e905d6105e - 2 STO
c79e3caf6e759513e6caefc878d7b6c4 - 2 STO
78d0aaa9ab245a860647eaf5779bec97 - 2 STO
713e6a41c4e708857c45d76855d195f1 - 2 STO
d033d9fd2c2366ddc80676d1f1647fd4 - 2 STO
10c4d35013f36bbbb5f2dbe1f5e93240 - 2 STO
aefb8c04b5ef7a21256ea0c88e887362 - 2 STO
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PUMPS Airdrop completed

Created 13.08.2019 17:38
Dear customers, all holders of BTSMD have been credited PMS tokens at the exchange rate of 10 PMS for 1 BTSMD.
Trade, deposit and withdrawal will be available at the developer's instructions.
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BTT Airdrop completed

Created 13.08.2019 13:53
Dear clients, we completed an Airdrop of BTT tokens. 4089 clients have got their tokens.
We also support all the next Airdrops of BTT tokens. If you want to participate in next Airdrop, just deposit TRX to your account, no additional actions required.
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QIWI news

Created 12.08.2019 19:49
Dear clients, deposits through the QIWI payment system are again available

New trading pair with LibraFace

Created 12.08.2019 10:54
Dear clients, new market LibraF/USD are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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Created 12.08.2019 10:49
At the developers' request, the STONE COIN (STO) asset price will be reduced
1 STO - 0,000086 BTC
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Created 07.08.2019 13:39
At the developers' request, the STONE COIN (STO) asset price will be reduced
1 STO - 0,00455 ETH
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Allsafe (ASAFE2) contest completed

Created 06.08.2019 19:13
Dear clients, ASAFE2 contest completed. Winners got LTC and ASAFE2 awards onto their accounts at Livecoin. Please, find below the winners' hash list below:

a13654578576e8ddb2332bfe188dec35 - 1 LTC
459a1494f80e8ee852928b244a01b674 - 1 LTC
5d394c64930789d6b4355d3829aad3d9 - 5 000 ASAFE2
409e8c6c8b0965b76997cc23375fe78e - 3 000 ASAFE2
1e848ed5b86021ec36ebf4ffb162404a - 500 ASAFE2
bcb8f2876a38a44d716b22cc8542c04b - 500 ASAFE2
6bd9843134b2e2596eabe0848b86deba - 500 ASAFE2
2afa109c4123228241dbc01934a183ad - 500 ASAFE2
369c8ad30097d5259c60b061617fac11 - 500 ASAFE2
142a3daeac1fd3a24eb6ac090ed6f5d2 - 500 ASAFE2
95aae8a5ebe91d502758e2d71d0deeb9 - 500 ASAFE2
4288fe076035a668c21b397201499b06 - 40 ASAFE2
0c5d3ad09d7c601e1ff4d37deebfe5d1 - 40 ASAFE2
df0e26b4562d0608217265499bc65a24 - 40 ASAFE2
2dc9484e2bac20efa23e2e452fea0ecf - 40 ASAFE2
88de2452b8dae31e456369d76ac27ea3 - 40 ASAFE2
462b062a372ee5dcbe6a8fc890581a58 - 40 ASAFE2
15081e023ee87ca5f3e45e3992ae9ff1 - 40 ASAFE2
164e8b2c55c77af5f5da5804e1fe6514 - 40 ASAFE2
ac5a646d5f5c6ae9fcb6186b8010b560 - 40 ASAFE2
474bd943c34319fb0a37d4d67f18c5e4 - 40 ASAFE2
caec322eb9db662ae9154effdba494ea - 40 ASAFE2
ed7309ad90d01cf40341392a0fc4d416 - 40 ASAFE2
8d6dab919cace1ea7ea62cdc6ef31edc - 40 ASAFE2
1772ea84ddf78f545dd197dd64740bcf - 40 ASAFE2
9f9ea51b8b572179d39325a707c1d34c - 40 ASAFE2
3fbfc35adc460d8a822f0885a3884702 - 40 ASAFE2
caec92671a1e64ee8883822dd768dc9e - 40 ASAFE2
23ccf33f2a854add1e45df1591ffb1d8 - 40 ASAFE2
4842b1d1e1579ffdb525e7b3559cc4ca - 40 ASAFE2
a15ba1ffbbaec02e40d8192f213b1a39 - 40 ASAFE2
2e900920955f2a7e9cd1bba8707c084d - 40 ASAFE2
5db57928c1fe3e4aff7679a9859398d7 - 40 ASAFE2
a6306de2ec6571feff785506d9997e65 - 40 ASAFE2
49237ad8a0f9a3cd33e3f54ffae97aa4 - 40 ASAFE2
6cf18196bec5559ab2d7c60fafefe19c - 40 ASAFE2
2141513c7d45ac9275539b0619fbbe10 - 40 ASAFE2
c6d9787fa02eec4f931a01fb0087075d - 40 ASAFE2
896ac6feefb4f181a76eeefe2ce03db9 - 40 ASAFE2
3c2b178ee021fe12ed1980ea4f734bee - 40 ASAFE2
4215fbc977d1575cee82ce88769ce129 - 40 ASAFE2
dd6129797ee8f50069672ba67ca40e1d - 40 ASAFE2
188f9a1beb4932cc0d37c43095906a62 - 40 ASAFE2
4e8c68254096d518b14096d51fe415bb - 40 ASAFE2
da6b9a45b2d750d989ff0bb1bc52192d - 40 ASAFE2
9804c7b167ab313abbeb4323ffe7347c - 40 ASAFE2
fceb0db8496bd5f52e22d5c0d497e95f - 40 ASAFE2
25d7319aca0ee99a9a7488bdc6bb57d2 - 40 ASAFE2
7a3aef9279df86e76abef32086cfc54f - 40 ASAFE2
a424f9ba0f451699d4b6d1e02bbdfb44 - 40 ASAFE2
801cb95cb5bf4498e9e8bcf85c51af11 - 40 ASAFE2
e7eba25bf94ed729b179c454a4e18e09 - 40 ASAFE2
12f29134630f292e033dc23f28e9b130 - 40 ASAFE2
e74b74e9de56f6d60224f2b5281ae712 - 40 ASAFE2
e162996fa4a146e177200b01a73a6b5b - 40 ASAFE2
81819d4e43985a62fa53000654f64e97 - 40 ASAFE2
fad7d23b15d383e45c7412eb9ea95191 - 40 ASAFE2
86be4a4673b766b593d5f5ceb8e03b7f - 40 ASAFE2
c8c3e48f5bc6645218860d04560964dd - 40 ASAFE2
c3e09c4b29436d9c19fc2942fcf3e2ae - 40 ASAFE2
f5386ca0582db5c17ff1e5e48bb35286 - 40 ASAFE2
e942d4e89b2f3fafe077a19d560ded67 - 40 ASAFE2
d78cf298d56c4f3f72abdbc8051a085b - 40 ASAFE2
bef561d2fb7ed0aae9cb14b54f4647f6 - 40 ASAFE2
78a3d9d0a77c95d9f8b3defa17a11407 - 40 ASAFE2
a38cdd99a3fa18dc7a01f48882c80df6 - 40 ASAFE2
8445996acaa910a8de6a29e38feb2014 - 40 ASAFE2
f218e0e7940376d28f640dffc9e8556d - 40 ASAFE2
c111565e1441ecd2a77f5d2c670e3660 - 40 ASAFE2
412c214d0cda0a427cb285ebc1c2171f - 40 ASAFE2
7d68f54bab98dbabd4ecb0ab7b31e663 - 40 ASAFE2
97e0f59332341c6ecbaadace711cb9cf - 40 ASAFE2
ae58862d97ce25d07c49492cf5cdb7db - 40 ASAFE2
4b8fa6adafd1aa6663e3adb45ee193db - 40 ASAFE2
859f486a83f5ae15a183d303260eceaa - 40 ASAFE2
d594cad43bc87d57701a7d902e9622ea - 40 ASAFE2
ad61a7e95a6ff6346680f25163c9d0ff - 40 ASAFE2
1d881ed4a3808e73590ed0077b32807b - 40 ASAFE2
826cccc124ddc448343e5faad622fa88 - 40 ASAFE2
9b1d9d1a178ad23259702fd55971c346 - 40 ASAFE2
a26445865efa7161ff92765b6af84af7 - 40 ASAFE2
ac0bb09edeb3623b3ccaf98830f0bbb6 - 40 ASAFE2
32e7824dead30dc29f0f2bafbf14e517 - 40 ASAFE2
78fea3785d94f341cb9ca96776075f33 - 40 ASAFE2
c5c185555b29071f9598d7ace820e072 - 40 ASAFE2
720196e362070a431849a14c3bfda22c - 40 ASAFE2
c98a1bde7fc9b612d5e0d20097022aa0 - 40 ASAFE2
084e9ff5761679168c2bf15d29e1e062 - 40 ASAFE2
9bb2922ebe9fd26011b7b23cfa733af7 - 40 ASAFE2
a5e737e0610c2240c7423654dff50cd9 - 40 ASAFE2
1c71405e90ded89427d3b71727ef5199 - 40 ASAFE2
290e51df6903ea1f29d408727efd0c85 - 40 ASAFE2
fc445585135b0861514429689b1c5608 - 40 ASAFE2
6ce049975fbc768f185d3d1877875b3b - 40 ASAFE2
a90d3a76e6c04b524a176f14a6627b61 - 40 ASAFE2
716200a1cf79ec1a65dc54ec6dc33fda - 40 ASAFE2
11b7c38a5882c31341903dd745778528 - 40 ASAFE2
a174d659ba83d3e857f2cb767d7810cb - 40 ASAFE2
d0c4e2158f8ec41bec339213fe8284b8 - 40 ASAFE2
07aa71b6b950b1d9cf1aeac302f06002 - 40 ASAFE2
76504bf1443b5d95889493e355e4fc2d - 40 ASAFE2
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