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CRBIT news

Created 15.03.2017 18:51
Dear clients, deposits/withdrawals for CRBIT disabled due to moving this coin to Ethereum with swap of coins. We're in negotiations with developers regarding this transition. Trading of CRBIT is available as usual.

Fees changes

Created 14.03.2017 19:30
Fees to deposit OkPay and PerfectMoney has been changed.
Find full chart with actual fees following this link.
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DASH news

Created 14.03.2017 19:23
Dear clients, withdrawals of DASH are available in semi-automatic mode. Delays up to 24 hours are possible due to necessity of checking of some transactions by our security officer.
Deposit of DASH is working in regural automatic mode. This security measure is applied because we encountered an unforeseen behavior of DASH node. These measures are temporary and will be cancelled when we are assured in an absence of technical problems.
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E-dinar news

Created 14.03.2017 10:42
Dear clients, according to the voting and due to your numerous requests, it turns out that we have to continue work with EDR, in that case we found a way how to successfully work with EDR node. We will separate EDR transactions from our main gate, so they will not affect to our whole system. (this will take 1-2 weeks).
At the first, withdrawals will work with the limit of minimum amount per transaction. So, you will be able to withdraw at least of several thousands of coins or more, but not less. The biggest clients will take out their coins first (we hope this will take 1 day). Then we set the limit down to 10-20$ to let everyone to withdraw their coins. We hope that the system will remain stable with the minimum limit per transaction of 10-20$.

One more time, maybe someone didn't understand. We have set the minimum limit, not the maximum one. You CAN withdraw 1000000 of coins, but you CAN'T withdraw 10 coins for example.

We're really sorry for such a long delay from our side, but please do understand that we have a limited amount of programmers to work at our active tasks.
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EDR news

Created 11.03.2017 23:01
We can't immediately return transactions which are stucked at the moment in EDR node during the last withdrawal process. It requires a lot of manual work (each transaction must be checked). We will try to return these transactions on Monday.

New trading pairs with Chronobank

Created 10.03.2017 14:19
Dear clients, new market TIME/BTC is available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pairs with Obits

Created 10.03.2017 13:45
Dear clients, new markets OBITS/BTC, OBITS/BTS, OBITS/ETH, OBITS/USD and OBITS/EUR are available for trading.
Official website - Obits
Wishing you good trading!
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News concerning Edinar

Created 10.03.2017 12:48
Dear customers, we would like to explain the details of Edinar coins issue.
This coin wallet (node) has never functioned properly and it is still so. The developers try to solve the problems but have no success. From the technical point of view the issue is firstly that Edinar node is very slow (it may process a withdraw transaction for about 20 minutes) and secondly it is unstable and may stop operating at random.

There are some simple instructions for node to check its state, but in this case those instructions don’t work frequently or result with conclusion that the node is out of service. As a result all Edinar customers’ withdrawals get frozen although there may be enough time to process 5 to 20 transactions but then the node crashes. Still the Edinar withdrawal transactions’ number committed by customers increases exponentially and it damages all our transaction processing system, that’s why we have to shut off Edinar withdrawal.

The developers assured us that it is our bug and if we change to their private node everything will be fine. Recently we took this shot and changed to the node presented by Edinar developers. But it ended up even worse, the transaction processing speed was even lower than with the node operating at our servers. That is why we shut down Edinar withdrawal again and don’t know when will be the next time we enable it.

Now we have 3 options to choose:

1. To delist Edinar coin. But in this case we don’t know how to refund customers’ money because it is impossible to provide a proper withdrawal.

2. We can provide technical update for our part implying many-hours-long work of our programmers (worth quite a price) and adopt our system to such “peculiar” Edinar node operation style. We have some ideas on how to work more or less successfully with this node but that would require some out-of-the-box solutions and time for programming and following tests.

We would like to know are you, our customers, ready to wait because this adaptation process would take approximately from 2 to 4 weeks.

3. We can try one more time to work with Edinar node after the developers' fix. But, in case of failure, we cancel and return stucked transactions manually, this will take a week. Are you ready for this?

So we are going to make a little inquiry among Edinar coin holders. What option do you think we should choose? (Please answer in the chat).
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DASH news

Created 08.03.2017 17:46
Dear clients, DASH deposits/withdrawals/trading has been temporarily closed since our DASH node has been attacked (probably, we're not sure) and some fake transactions have taken place. We're working on this, we have already contacted developers.

MSCN wallet online

Created 08.03.2017 15:43
Dear customers, MSCN wallet online.

Mojocoin news

Created 07.03.2017 18:47
Dear clients, swap of Mojocoin has been successfully completed with 1:10 rate. Trading is already available. Deposits/withdrawals will be opened on Thursday, because tomorrow is a holiday in our country.

Mojocoin swap

Created 06.03.2017 21:52
Dear clients, tomorrow we will close trading of MOJO, then cancel all open orders and accomplish swap. Swap rate is 1:10, for example if you have 1000 old coins, you will get 100 new ones. Trading will be opened after the swap. We will additionaly notify when swap will be finished.

MSCN news

Created 03.03.2017 21:27
Dear clients, all pending SCN transactions has been processed and converted into the MSCN at the rate of 1:140. Please check your updated balance. Hence, SCN swap is completed. Deposits/withdrawals of MSCN will be available on Monday.

E-Dinar news

Created 02.03.2017 23:44
Dear clients, we have disabled deposits/withdrawals for E-Dinar due to node issues.
We're working on this issue with developers. Pending transactions will be processed when we get complete solution for the issues with node. Please contact EDR developers regarding date and time, because we don't know.
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Pending orders news

Created 02.03.2017 19:28
Dear clients, due to lack of usage, with a lot of misusage at the same time, pending order will be temporarily closed.
We encountered with a lot of issues and misunderstanding of this type of orders by our clients. Your opened pending orders will be canceled automatically.
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New trading pairs with PoSW Coin

Created 23.02.2017 14:21
Dear clients, new markets POSW/BTC, POSW/ETH, POSW/ICN and POSW/CRBIT are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pair with LandCoin

Created 23.02.2017 14:16
Dear clients, new market LDC/BTC is available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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E-Dinar Coin wallet offline

Created 22.02.2017 22:06
Dear clients, due to issues with E-Dinar node, deposits / withdrawals are not available temporarily. All transactions will be processed when node will be online. Thanks for patience.

MSCN good news

Created 22.02.2017 21:23
Dear clients, we have finally proceed the swap and is actually received money from developers in full. So we can assert that incedent with SCN is closed!
MSCN deposits/wthdrawals will be available next week, because we have to make certain of the stability of a new network.
Unprocessed deposits of SCN which were received till February 15, will be manually processed next week and converted to MSCN. Your accounts will be manually credited with MSCN.
So, we hope that MSCN will re-gain trust and we wish good luck to developers in their hard work.
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MSCN news

Created 16.02.2017 19:25
Dear clients, please don't trade MSCN till the official opening. We're on testing now. If you have already made some trades, nothing bad will happen. We will announce when trading will be available and we finish checking of balances and "in orders" amounts.
The delay is related to "in orders" amounts of SCN, we need to synchronize it with MSCN according 140:1 ratio, this takes time.
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