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Adzcoin news

Created 28.10.2016 17:49
Dear Adzcoin holders, today we have had to delist ADZ V1 from our Exchange and burn the remains. However, this will not happen. Developers have contacted us and explained some details of their plan of actions which you can read following this link.

In a nutshell, all the deal was to force hacker to disclose himself and dump the stolen coins. Plan was successfully finished.

Due to that fact, Adzcoin V1 will not be delisted and continue trading for about 30-40 days more. You can deposit/withdraw/trade Adzcoin with no restrictions. You will be able to swap coins with 1:1 ratio. We will notify you several days before blockchain will go offline.
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New trading pairs with DynamicCoin

Created 28.10.2016 13:27
Dear clients, new markets DMC/BTC and DMC/USD are available for trading.
Official website DynamicCoin
Wishing you good trading!
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ICO start for InChain

Created 27.10.2016 15:43
InChain ICO we were all looking for so much started some hours ago!
Now it's your best chance to become a participant of the first blockchain insurance platform for the crypto economy!
So you can sign up to the project and make your investments here:
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ASAFE ICO completed

Created 26.10.2016 22:06
Dear clients, ASAFE ICO completed. We will burn unsold coins in the amount of 552426085.99999881 ASAFE during next 1-2 days. Then we will provide proof in ASAFE thread and our news.
ASAFE/BTC trading pair is opened without any restrictions.

Adzcoin news

Created 24.10.2016 16:52
Dear Adzcoin holders, please withdraw all ADZ from our Exchange not later than October 28. After that date all ADZ will be lost. By developer request, old ADZ will be removed from our Exchange on October 29 and you will lose all ADZ from your balance. We will not be able to restore old coins. No claim admitted after October 28.
Please read details about swap procedure following this link

New version of Adzcoin V2 will be traded at our exchange after its launch by developer.
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ICO start for Allsafe (ASAFE) coin

Created 19.10.2016 13:43
Dear clients, we are glad to introduce ICO for Allsafe (ASAFE) coin. It has been started out today and will end one week later, October 26. You'll be able to withdraw ASAFE coins after ICO. No additional fees are applied for ICO orders. You'll be charged for 0.2% only, this is our regular trading fee.

ICO size is 700 millions ASAFE coins. Price is fixed at 0.00000005 BTC for 1 ASAFE coin. Unsold ASAFE coins will be burned by our Exchange after ICO.

During ICO you can only buy ASAFE, you can not sell it. You'll be able to sell ASAFE only after ICO. Trading conditions and fees for ASAFE/BTC pair will be the same as for all other pairs at our Exchange.

Details of ASAFE coin:

- Coin Name: Allsafe
- Coin trading symbol: ASAFE
- Algorithm: X11, Only POS
- Max money supply: 900,000,000 (900 millions)
- Official blockchain explorer:
- TxFee for a transaction: min is 0.01 ASAFE
- Social media:
Official website:
Official bitcointalk thread:
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New trading pair with GongYiCoin

Created 17.10.2016 15:03
Dear clients, new market GYC/BTC is available for trading.
Official website GongYiCoin
Wishing you good trading!
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ETH, YOC, EL news

Created 16.10.2016 14:10
Dear clients, due to continued issues with ETH network and hardfork release (read more details here) we turned off the wallets ETH, YOC and EL. Don't send transactions to Exchange until the problem is completely solved by developers.
Transactions of ETH, YOC and EL which were already send to the network, can not be canceled by us. These transactions already have a TxIDs and will be processed when network continue normal operation. You can get TxID by means of chat with support and try to contact these coin developers to handle this issue. We as Exchange can not influence over ETH network or speed of processing transactions.
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New trading pair with TAO

Created 14.10.2016 22:05
Dear clients, new market TAO/BTC is available for trading.
Official website

Wishing you good trading!
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SHIFT news

Created 14.10.2016 22:02
Dear clients, SHIFT deposits/withdrawals has been opened. Please use new wallets only. DON'T send deposits to OLD wallets, it will be lost.

SHIFT news

Created 13.10.2016 17:13
Dear clients, your SHIFT coins has been successfully swapped to new ones. We will open SHIFT deposits / withdrawals in the nearest days.

ADZcoin news

Created 12.10.2016 17:51
Dear ADZcoin holders, developers will probably close blockchain soon due to swap of old ADZcoins to ADZbuzz (
Please follow news from developers by yourself, because we are not planning to close deposits/withdrawals/trading. ADZ will be working at our Exchange in a normal mode untill blockchain is available. After stop of blockchain no claim admitted about stuck transactions. Developers will re-activate blockchain one more time after the swap to let people swap leftovers. That is why we are not going to close anything beforehand, you can continue normal operations until the very end. If you missed swap, you will get one more chance to do it later.
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Fees changes

Created 11.10.2016 13:58
Fees to deposit PerfectMoney has been changed.
Find full chart with actual fees following this link.
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SHIFT news

Created 11.10.2016 10:08
Dear clients, SHIFT coin is moving to new version.
Due to this fact, we will swap all of your old coins to new ones. After that, we'll setup new version of SHIFT. Then we will open new wallets for you. Currently we do not accept incoming transactions for SHIFT. We will notify you when deposits/withdrawals will be available.
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New trading pair with ArcticCoin

Created 08.10.2016 13:57
Dear clients, new market ARC/BTC is available for trading.
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pair with Karbowanec

Created 08.10.2016 13:45
Dear clients, new market KRB/BTC is available for trading.
Wishing you good trading!
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Partnership with Inchain

Created 07.10.2016 00:07
Dear clients, we as Exchange declare a cooperation with Inchain project (a decentralised insurance platform).
You can read more about this project following this link We also would like to announce that our Exchange will be an exclusive trade platform for Inchain tokens after its official opening.
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New trading pair with E-Dinar Coin

Created 06.10.2016 19:22
Dear clients, new market EDR/BTC is available for trading.
Wishing you good trading!
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ETH, YOC, EL wallets offline

Created 05.10.2016 16:22
Due to continued issues with ETH network (read more details) we turn off the wallets ETH, YOC and EL until the problem is not solved by developers.

Widget with coins prices

Created 03.10.2016 19:17
Dear clients, new tool for referral program has been added. This is a customizable widget for coins.
You can find and setup it in the Referral program section You can customize widget for your website. Next items can be adjusted: colors, coins, number of coins, positioning. You can use this widget for any purposes, including signature on forum, etc.
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