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VIU news

Created 26.10.2018 13:47
Dear clients, please, note, if you wish to swap the tokens at our Exchange, you have to deposit VIU tokens to your accounts balances before 12 noon (GMT+3) of October, 29.
After 12 noon (GMT+3) of October, 29 the VIU deposits won't be credited to accounts any more.
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VIU news

Created 26.10.2018 08:43
Dear clients, VIU tokens swap will occur on November 1, this asset is moving to a new contract. You don't have to do anything, we will take care of swap for you.
Swap rate is 1:1. Please take a note that after November 1, old deposits (using old contract) will not be processed.
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Buildan (BLD) ICO

Created 26.10.2018 08:38
Dear clients, we invite you to participate in Buildan ICO from 26.10.2018 (GMT+3) to 26.11.2018 (GMT+3).

Please find more data about ICO below.

Token name: Buildan
Token trading symbol: BLD
Token Total Supply: 26.000.000 (20.000.000 BLD for ICO, 6.000.000 BLD for Airdrop)
Token Decimals: 18
Token Contract address: 0xf73ec74b789fd3818de09944275cc75bae9ff60b
Block explorer
ICO duration: 1 month
Flat price: 100 satoshi
ICO Refund Wall: 50% of the amount raised during the ICO will be placed by the price of 120 satoshi (20% profit for participants). Duration - 4 days.
You can only buy during the ICO. Sell will be available after the ICO.
Unsold tokens will be burned.

Media channels.

Video Buildan project
Video ICO Project
BitcoinTalk Thread
Official website

Please find airdrop details for ICO participants below.

Airdrop will be carried out by Livecoin, by crediting tokens to participants' accounts.
1. First Week - You Get 30% (from 26.10.2018 to 1.11.2018)
1. Second Week - You Get 15% (from 2.10.2018 to 8.11.2018)
1. Third Week - You Get 10%. (from 9.10.2018 to 15.11.2018)

If you want to get Airdrop, you have to buy tokens on the amount of 0.05 BTC or more. Airdrop will be conducted after the end of refund wall.
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MNX and YOC mining transactions

Created 23.10.2018 17:30
Dear clients, as you may know, we don't process mining transactions when they sent directly to deposit address in Livecoin.
You have to get mining transactions to your personal wallet and then send coins to Livecoin account. But we processed such transactions for a long time without any problems. Now we ask you to not send mining transactions directly to Livecoin address, because you spam and overload our Exchange with tons of small transactions. From now on, minimum deposit amount for MNX is 1 coin and for YOC is 100 coins.
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Bitcoin Zero airdrop

Created 23.10.2018 16:19
Dear clients, we completed an airdrop of BZX asset. If you have had HXX coins on your balance at the moment when block 326800 has been created, you got BZX coins by ratio 1:15 to your HXX balance. Deposit/withdrawal of BZX will be available in 1-2 days, trading is already available.

ThaneCoin contest

Created 09.10.2018 19:30
Dear Customers, the developers of TPI (ThaneCoin) are inviting You to participate in a contest with valuable awards. The contest will be carried out from October 1, 2018 through October 31, 2018.Traders with largest amount of TPI on account at Livecoin will be awarded; the balance will be verified on Wednesday (October 31) at 10 A.M. GMT
Please, note, that only the coins, purchased during the contest, will be taken into account. The coins, which have been purchased earlier and credited to the balances already, will not be included when distributing the prizes of the contest.
Winners will be awarded in TPI. Coins will be deposited to your Livecoin account. There will be 100 Winners.
List of award amount per place is given below:
1 place 800 TPI
2 place 400 TPI
3-10 place 100 TPI
11-50 place 50 TPI
51-100 place 20 TPI
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Actual news for all clients

Created 08.10.2018 17:45
Dear clients, we encountered critical issues with a few servers, including mailing server and server with encrypted security settings, like PIN, IP-Whitelist, Google 2FA, API keys.
The data WAS NOT discredited, but lost. Please also note that passwords WAS NOT lost, they are working as usual. Therefore, we decided to open Exchange in limited mode, so clients could restore additional security measures. Another one issue with mail server resulted in notifications which some clients recieved about withdrawals which belong to another accounts. Your funds are in safe, but we ask you to restore additional security settings which were lost.

Deposits/withdrawals can not be opened for at least 7 days to allow everyone to restore their security settings. This message will also be sent to all clients by e-mail.
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