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onLEXpa Re-branding and swap

Created 27.12.2019 17:58
Dear clients, at the developer’s request, in the near future we will make a change of contract and rebranding for onLEXpa.
Exchange ratio is 1:1.
Please don’t send coins under the old contract, and for deposits use new wallet addresses, which you need to get in your personal account after the swap.
Old contract address
New contract address
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ANNE contest completed

Created 25.12.2019 13:54
Dear clients, ANNE contest completed. Winners got ANNE and BTC awards onto their accounts at Livecoin. Please, find below the winners' hash list below:

7ef2fd59932291668ff9cccf8549802f - 100 000 ANNE
e8841867d45e1fb1c6f543284244b164 - 40 000 ANNE
657134a746f39e40c2eafd04ff225b08 - 20 000 ANNE
a26445865efa7161ff92765b6af84af7 - 20 000 ANNE
ad026f81df00840ef72230d9d66d840a - 20 000 ANNE

7ef2fd59932291668ff9cccf8549802f - 0.01 BTC
e8841867d45e1fb1c6f543284244b164 - 0.004 BTC
657134a746f39e40c2eafd04ff225b08 - 0.002 BTC
a26445865efa7161ff92765b6af84af7 - 0.002 BTC
ad026f81df00840ef72230d9d66d840a - 0.002 BTC
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New trading pairs with Molecular Future

Created 25.12.2019 09:55
Dear clients, new markets MOF/BTC, MOF/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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Ethereum and all ETH based tokens news

Created 24.12.2019 19:18
Dear clients, in view of a forthcoming upgrade of Muir Glacier asset of Ethereum network, which, as expected, will be activated on block 9,200,000 approximately on January 1, 2020, deposits and withdrawals of ETH as well as of all the other tokens, based on this network, will be disabled one day prior to the upgrade.

The tokens will be enabled again approximately in one day after the upgrade is over, when we make sure that the network functioning is safe and stable.
Please, complete all the necessary transfers ofyour funds before the specified dates.
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New trading pairs with Centrality

Created 24.12.2019 15:06
Dear clients, new markets CENNZ/BTC, CENNZ/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pairs with MINDOL

Created 24.12.2019 14:59
Dear clients, new markets MIN/BTC, MIN/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
Read more (GUIDE) IEO bonus - 15%

Created 23.12.2019 21:53
We are inviting you to join (GUIDE) IEO and claim your 15% Bonus

Buy GUIDE Tokens
IEO Period
Started: December 23, 2019
Ends: December 30, 2019, 20:00 (UTC+3)

Total amount of tokens available for IEO: 2,000,000 GUIDE
Token price: 0,17 USDT /0,000026 BTC
Trading pairs: GUIDE/BTC; GUIDE/USDT

- During IEO only buy is available
- Bonus are credited at the end of the IEO
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New trading pairs with Bitcoin Diamond

Created 23.12.2019 19:29
Dear clients, new markets BCD/BTC, BCD/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pairs with FTX Token

Created 23.12.2019 16:10
Dear clients, new markets FTT/BTC, FTT/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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Zayka Token contest completed

Created 23.12.2019 13:00
Dear clients, Zayka Token contest completed. Winners got ZAY awards onto their accounts at Livecoin. Please, find below the winners' hash list below:
4b84c15252686c427b576fde0e94196c - 80 000 ZAY
ba55f376f76c0cc9916b7025e2636df1 - 35 000 ZAY
d046ef673f4723371c5d0f08855dcdeb - 20 000 ZAY
e157b2ba28bc2a59df295c14d26ef7b3 - 5 000 ZAY
93accb39f265dc71a1aa57063860582b - 5 000 ZAY
5c5ca2cfd6b8d24e23024b2a96be7d5e - 5 000 ZAY
0aa337010e08ec443276971edc19bcf6 - 5 000 ZAY
089b23a2de7c0770035c7ba30d97e7b2 - 5 000 ZAY
5f09c30122308cbf186e32fb3fb7f64f - 5 000 ZAY
75e4cecb5c8d42643916b93c2e66567b - 5 000 ZAY
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New trading pairs with VOMER

Created 20.12.2019 13:52
Dear clients, new markets VMR/BTC, VMR/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pairs with UNUS SED LEO

Created 20.12.2019 13:45
Dear clients, new markets UNUS/BTC, UNUS/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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HYPE Token scam

Created 19.12.2019 19:53
Dear customers, on December 14, the HYPE token owner issued 40 million HYPE tokens

Then, transferred them to the exchange and sold them forthwith, thus causing the token rate to collapse:

Then, he burnt (destroyed) the tokens from our exchange address

The contract owner has route rights to do any kind of manipulation with his/her token. We as an exchange have no tool available to prevent scamming on the part of a token owner. Our protections are intended to prevent third party attacks, and do not protect against token owners.

Then, the developer reiterated the procedure, created 40 million coins:

He transferred them to the exchange and sold

He destroyed the tokens from our exhange address

In this connection, this asset has been closed and will be delisted in the near future.
We caution all investors in all projects to closely scrutinize the background of the project you are going to invest in, as we are an exchange platform only, and do not provide any financial reccommendation as to investments.
The only asset whose quality is beyond doubt, and which can be recommended for purchase by our exchange, is the bitcoin.
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PROFITBOX Payments completed

Created 19.12.2019 10:58
Dear clients, we have completed next round of ProfitBox payments. Last months we succeeded in gaining profit and therefore distributed it among our customers in the following currencies:

1.ZBC - 804 customers gained profit
2.TER - 1631 customers gained profit
3.EMC - 3146 customers gained profit
4.GAS - 4965 customers gained profit
5.STRAT - 3033 customers gained profit
6.XSPEC - 1049 customers gained profit
7.CLOAK - 1834 customers gained profit
8.BLK - 1104 customers gained profit
9.SCIFI - 134 customers gained profit
10.CAPS - 2014 customers gained profit
11.GPL2 - 1996 customers gained profit
12.KED - 80 customers gained profit
13.QBT - 133 customers gained profit
14.BUK2 - 115 customers gained profit
15.ASAFE2 - 6224 customers gained profit
16.PZM - 2800 customers gained profit
If you want to participate in ProfitBox revenue share, the only thing you need is to deposit any of the mentioned above currencies into your account. You will get profit even if your coins are in open orders.
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GUIDE IEO announcement

Created 18.12.2019 18:25
Dear clients, on December 23, 12:00 (UTC+3) the Livecoin exchange will launch IEO asset GUIDE.
IEO end date: December 30 20:00 (UTC+3)

You may review the IEO details below

Asset Name: GUIDE
Trading Symbol: GUIDE
Token Standard: ERC-20
Total amount of tokens issued: 10,000,001
Total amount of tokens available for IEO: 2,000,000 GUIDE
Duration: 8 days
Number of decimal: 18
Contract address: 0x33931870dfbdc15EC7e03c7D7a9Cac657c309d12
The block explorer :

Token price on IEO: 0,17 USDT /0,000026 BTC
Trading pairs: GUIDE/BTC, GUIDE/USDT

During IEO only buy is available.
In case the first round closes ahead of schedule, additional token sale round will be opened.
Unsold tokens will be returned to developers
Withdrawal and free trading on GUIDE will be open the day after the completion of IEO.

Buy GUIDE Tokens

The information below is provided by the developers of the project.

What is is a search engine for the environment and locations and a social network dedicated to the travel and tourism industry. It is designed with the sole intention of connecting travellers with other travellers, as well as providing all the resources and information they require to effectively find inspiration, plan, book, journal and share their experiences. was launched in Beta version in February 2019 as a desktop platform and it allows its users to find inspiration for their next trips and share their travel experiences with travellers around the world. is Today’s Landscape

As the travel and tourism industry is rapidly changing, there is no dedicated social platform where people can interact with each other to find out answers to their travel related questions.

The experience of researching and planning these trips is inefficient, increasingly unreliable, and wastes far too much of the user’s time. Hyper-aggressive advertising and the commercial interests of booking and travel platforms have seriously undermined travellers’ confidence and relevant content from travel influencers is scattered across the social web making it difficult and time-consuming for people to find.

Buy GUIDE Tokens

Key Facts about platform

Through the use of platform you will have access to:
- A social network that rewards you for uploading informative travel-related content.
- An all-in-one social platform created with the intention of reshaping how you find inspiration, plan, book and record your journeys online
- Millions of peer-reviewed services from local vendors directly bookable without ever having to leave the platform.
- A travel-related Marketplace that brings together vendors and customers from around the world
- An ADS FREE social platform that allows you to discover places and activities based upon your individual tastes and preferences

Our monetisation approach

The GUIDE Token Utility

The GUIDE Token will have direct applicability inside the platform and the Marketplace. To make this possible, we have built the first socially powered search engine for the travel and tourism industry and a travel related Marketplace.

The Marketplace will bring together businesses and clients from around the world and the GUIDE Token will offer travellers access to special trips and tours and millions of travel related services and products.

As there are more than 300,000 Hotels and 7 million venues, restaurants, pubs, museum or other activity places around the world, is creating official business pages for each and every one of them. Getting access to a business page and all the subscription fees payment will be available in GUIDE token.

Moreover, using the GUIDE Token, travellers can transfer funds instantly or directly pay for goods, products or services available inside the platform.

The GUIDE Token and the Reward system incentives platform users to generate high-quality content. Rewards inside the platform are available in GUIDE Tokens.

Purchaser benefits

From the inception of the project, the team implemented a reward system based on achievements that rewards its contributors for their entire activity. The team invested heavily in the development of this blockchain technology backed platform, meaning that regardless of the fluctuation, the project can still be valuable. The combination of vision and expertise allow us to deliver a top tier product. Solution allows you to search for every destination around the world, simple and intuitive. Results are displayed based on other travellers’ experiences and the services reviews are trustworthy.

You can browse, find inspiration, directly book or share you experiences while saving time and money on an ADS Free platform.

The built-in Marketplace and the GUIDE Token allow you to access special offers from around or directly book for your next trip. Business Model Business Model Our business model is based on API Affiliate Systems and Subscriptions & Email Marketing. In doing so, we have affiliated with 10 of the most prominent players in the travel & tourism industry and we are ready to welcome them aboard starting with 2020. Our affiliate partners are,,,,,, Skyscanner and Travelstart.

We invite you to be a part of the platform by joining GUIDE token sale.

Our Journey Together Starts Now!

Buy GUIDE Tokens
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SynchroBitCoin IEO announcement

Created 18.12.2019 14:26
Dear clients, on December 25, at 17:00 (UTC+3) on Livecoin exchange, there will be IEO launch for SynchroBitCoin (SNB)

IEO will consist of two rounds.

IEO first round end date: December 31, 20:00 (UTC+3)
IEO first round participants will get Bonus in the amount 20% of purchased tokens.

Second round dates: from January 25, 2020, 17:00 (UTC+3) to January 31, 2020, 20:00 (UTC+3)
IEO second round participants will get Bonus in the amount 15% of purchased tokens.

Bonuses will be added after January 31, 2020.

You may review the IEO details below:

Asset name: SynchroBitCoin
Trade symbol: SNB
Total amount of tokens issued: 1,000,000,000 SNB
Total amount of tokens available in IEO: 2,500,000 SNB
Number of decimal places: 18
Contract address: 0x179E31FB25E433441a2839389A7b8EC9c4654b7B
The block explorer:
IEO duration: 14 days
Price: 0,000069 BTC for 1 SNB
Trading pairs: SNB/BTC
Minimum purchase - 100 SNB
During IEO only buy is available

Unsold tokens will be returned to developers.
We will inform you about the dates of opening the deposit, withdrawal and trading date after IEO termination.

Buy SynchroBitCoin (SNB)

The information below is provided by the developers of the project.

About SynchroBit

The first hybrid multipurpose digital assets trading platform for trading all kinds of cryptocurrencies, energy, precious metals, commodities, etc., with both fiat and major cryptocurrencies with innovative solutions for both newcomers and professional traders, including binary trading, options, margin trading, futures, to name just a few!

Referring to the White-Paper, SynchroBit is a platform based on continuous improvement concept and SYNCHRONIUM will develop various versions to make it faster, smarter, easier, and better than ever! Current version is SynchroBit INIZIO and will be upgraded to version Delta on 01.01.2020.

Buy SynchroBitCoin (SNB)

Participating in the investment of digital assets is a high-risk activity, albeit this investment, in particular, is aimed at experienced professionals who are used to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and trading other market instruments such as stocks, derivatives, and forex markets. By participating in this investment, the purchaser is aware and accepts the risks related to security, the potential lack of economic and financial results. Finally, the participant declares being aware of the legal uncertainty of this type of transaction and to have conducted his legal guidance according to the applicable law to which he subscribes. Any buyer purchasing SynchroBitcoin (SNB Token) acknowledges the technological and economic uncertainty of the project presented in this White Paper. Therefore, purchasers are aware of the absence of any legal action against the company in case of failure, nonperformance, or non-implementation of the project, as well as in the case of the SNB Token losing part or even the totality of its value. The purchase of the SNB Token confers the ability to use the platform services. No other rights are transferred upon the investment. Precisely, the company’s only obligation is to distribute the SNB Token under the conditions defined in the White Paper. Any person who aims to participate in SNB Token investment, and Airdrop MUST pass KYC (Know Your Customer) process successfully, SYNCHRONIUM® holds the sole right to prohibit any person suspected to illegal activities from participation in the investment, and Airdrops. Providing KYC documents by a given person must not be considered as a guarantee and/or a responsibility for SYNCHRONIUM® to verify the person (user) to pass KYC successfully. All KYC documents are gathered, proceed, and reviewed manually by the third-party legal auditor of SYNCHRONIUM®, SBC Legal Inc., and are classified as Legally Protected Information, and will not be shared with any third-party. For further information, you may contact our legal department by [email protected] In case of any suspected illegal activities, SBC-Legal has the full authority to share the related information with legal authorities in the USA, EU, UK, and the country of the residence of the suspicious person(s). Investment of purchasing SNB Token is subjected to AML (Anti Money Laundry) regulations of the European Union. All data submitted by the users on SYNCHRONIUM® owned websites, including and, are subjected to GDPR. For more information, please refer to During the investment time on the partner exchanges, the participants, including the buyers, need to read the specific terms and conditions of the pertaining exchanges, which may vary with SYNCHRONIUM® terms and conditions. SYNCHRONIUM® is not liable for any restrictions, terms, policies, and/or regulations on any Exchange conducting SynchroBitcoin (SNB Token) investment. GDPR Terms and Conditions: SYNCHRONIUM® and its subsidiaries are committed to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SYNCHRONIUM® has a precise and well-established data protection system to keep the the user data private. All forms, mailing lists, emails, cookie settings on SYNCHRONIUM® websites and platforms, including and are in full compliance with GDPR rules.
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The Deal for DOLLAR International

Created 18.12.2019 10:45
Dear clients, developers of DOLLAR International project invite you to participate in the Deal.
From 18.12.19 to 17.01.20, buy DOLLAR and hold it during the Deal period on your balance on Livecoin exchange (without placing in any orders) and get 11.11% interest per month.
Minimum balance in the wallet to participate in the Deal is 1.1111 DOLLAR.
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ANNE contest news

Created 17.12.2019 19:59
Dear clients, are changes for ANNE contest, the prized are doubled:

1 place - 100000 ANNE + 0.01 BTC
2 place - 40000 ANNE + 0.004 BTC
3-5 place - 20000 ANNE + 0.002 BTC
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Bonuses and Prizes for IEO Solar Family Participants

Created 17.12.2019 15:16
Dear participants!
We will make a prize draw for those who buy SOF tokens in the first 15 minutes after IEO SOF start on the Livecoin exchange:

Among those who bought for the amount from 500 USD - MacBook Pro 15
Among those who bought for the amount from 250 USD - iPhone 11 256 gb
Among those who bought for the amount from 150 USD - Apple watch 5

The prize draw will be announced on 31.12.2019.

All participants who bought the required number of SOF tokens get into whitelist and our team will choose the winners live on new year's eve with the help of a random number generator.

Bonuses when buying SOF tokens :

1. For everyone who bought tokens for the amount from 1,000 USD we will provide:
- A webinar will be held and closed developments of the founders of the Solar Family Dao project on investing and launching startups will be given.
- Training and development of individual investment strategy for 5 years under the guidance of our Solar Family DAO experts.

2. For everyone who bought tokens for the amount from 2,000 USD we will provide:
- We provide access to the internal investment plan of our company for 2020. You will be able to ask your questions to experts in solar energy.
- Additional course with our expert team for investing and proper analysis of technology companies and Fintech companies from our founders in the global market.
We want to prepare our community professionally, so that the expert backbone of our team selects the most promising projects that give a good profit on the market.

3. For everyone who bought tokens for the amount from 3,000 USD we will provide:
- All bonuses above and personal visit to existing stations.
- The possibility to use 1 time veto on the best investment proposal chosen by the DAO community.

4. VIP bonus
For everyone who bought tokens for the amount from 20,000 USD we will provide:
- All previous bonuses + the right of priority entry into projects selected together with accelerators for investment.
- In case of investment in DAO Solar Family with total investment in the DAO project participation in personal meetings and negotiations with the founder of the project on investment in the European Union, Asia, Latin America.
- The possibility to use 2 times the veto on the best investment proposal chosen by the DAO community.
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Solar Family IEO announcement

Created 16.12.2019 17:00
Dear clients, on 18.12.2019 17:00 (UTC+3) Livecoin Exchange is launching an IEO on Solar Family (SOF) assets.
IEO end date: 30.12.2019 20:00 (UTC+3)
You may review the IEO details below

Asset name: Solar Family Token
Trade symbol: SOF
Total amount of tokens issued: 200 000 000 SOF
Total amount of tokens available in IEO: 70 000 000 SOF
Standard: ERC-20
Smart contract address: 0x061c68e9eaf203496402149162ffdbdf982ef483
Block explorer:
IEO time: 13 days
Token price on IEO: 0,007 USDT / 0,00000097 BTC
Trading pairs: SOF/USDT, SOF/BTC
Minimum purchase: 100 SOF

During the IEO, the tokens can only be purchased.
The unsold tokens would remain for the next funding rounds.
The trading and withdrawal of SOF will start on 1 February 2020.
The deposit of tokens will be opened on 1st of April.

Buy SOF Tokens

The information below is provided by the developers of the project.

What is Solar Family

The Solar Family is a solution for investment management on the rapidly growing solar tech market. It is based on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model where members are in control of decision-making and financial flows.

The main goal of Solar Family is to crowdsource the expertise of members for decision making. All processes in the organization are based on transparent and guaranteed by source code mechanisms to prevent fraud and misuse of funds. The organization runs entirely on smart contracts in the Ethereum network.

Important facts about the project

During the last 5 years, Solar Family has already built several solar plants in Spain which are represented by three successful companies – FORMIGAL SOLAR S.L., ANASSOL ENERGY S.L., SOLUCY TERMINAL SOLAR S.L. with a total of 1.64-megawatt power supply. The plants perfectly deliver power to Spain’s energy network last years. At current operation costs and wattage, the Solar Family solar plants allow the managing companies to receive an annual income of 11, 8, 11% in EUR respectively. The founding team of the project has the expertise and a solid track record in the solar tech industry.

Now our goal is to apply our experience to the solar tech market. For this purpose, we have a team with great experience, the background of successful projects and a solid plan for operation on this market.

SOF Token

The SOF token is a digital asset that confirms the membership in the DAO and gives the right to a proportional share in the assets. The power of a vote in the broad voting is proportional to a stake of tokens held by the member.

The SOF token has three main functions:
1. Participation in the broad consensus (voting)
2. A collateral asset used to issue the SOR reputation token(staking). The SOR holders make investment decisions and are additionally rewarded for it.
3. The instrument that entitles its holder to a portion of the DAO's assets in proportion to the holder's share

The Cash flows to the DAO are partially used to buy back the SOF tokens through trading platforms. All bought-back tokens are irreversibly destroyed, thereby reducing the number of tokens in circulation with each return of invested funds. Thus the DAO additionally rewards its members for managing the funds using the indirect mechanism similar to that of MakerDAO and Binance, one of the most successful cases in the industry.

Thanks to this mechanism, the value of the tokens remaining in circulation will increase after each burning.

Buy SOF Tokens

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