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Paragon news

Created 21.11.2018 12:23
Dear clients, on November, 28, Paragon (PRG) asset will be delisted from the Exchange.
Please, withdraw your PRG tokens before that date. After November, 28, this asset will be delisted, and PRG withdrawal not available any more.
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New trading pairs with Jewel

Created 21.11.2018 11:53
Dear clients, new markets JWL/BTC, JWL/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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Livecoin News

Created 19.11.2018 19:39
Dear clients, we have added a new feature into your account settings, which would enable you to enhance the security of your account - Your personal security code for blocking account
Using this code you will be able to immediately block your account in case of any security threats and ensure the safety of your funds.
Please, read the manual in the Security section carefully and save the code and the link in a safe place
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Created 16.11.2018 21:15
Dear clients, the developers of ECOREAL token are inviting You to participate in a contest with valuable awards.

Start date: November 17, 2018
End date: December 7, 2018

The most active 100 traders, trading in ECOREAL/BTC and ECOREAL/ETH pairs, will share the prize fund of 150000 ECOREAL. Winners will be awarded in ECOREAL. Tokens will be deposited to your Livecoin account. There will be 100 Winners.

List of award amount per place is given below:
1 place 50000 ECOREAL
2 place 25000 ECOREAL
3 place 15000 ECOREAL
4 place 10000 ECOREAL
5 place 7500 ECOREAL
6 place 5000 ECOREAL
7 place 2500 ECOREAL
8 place 1500 ECOREAL
9 place 1000 ECOREAL
10 place 500 ECOREAL
11-50 places 400 ECOREAL
51-100 places 320 ECOREAL
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VEROS contest completed

Created 16.11.2018 14:40
Dear customers, VRS contest completed. 12 winners got VRS awards onto their accounts at Livecoin. Please, find below the winners' hash list below

6d585954c6e117338973fbbea65c632f - 60000 VRS
4c46001d8791d07fc76dc45228c1d9a1 - 40000 VRS
e10f2b71015cca730e9bad28f76e51e3 - 10000 VRS
7569102ab154c58fcd18cba9164eaef9 - 10000 VRS
21a796a2a52666d9f5a43d25bf641528 - 10000 VRS
b10117ac422ab94a67193b94a1a75e9f - 10000 VRS
ec43820a7177f57a1c7496faf12854b7 - 10000 VRS
e1ab28952dea0c275ce34aa2a21cdefa - 10000 VRS
d04a35ecd2e07d7fa9325c4b9178f9d2 - 10000 VRS
e89748b57175c6bef74106e9be06acfc - 10000 VRS
cf4daffef565db53164b0abebb5d8a2a - 10000 VRS
15669715aefeba50518ddc5f737fed0d - 10000 VRS
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HeartBout tokens swap completed

Created 16.11.2018 14:09
Dear clients, swap of old HB tokens to new ones has been completed. The new contract address: 0xf0D8f9DeECEb881c269854617c9BEd6ed2E1530B
Please, don't deposit and withdraw from or to the old contract, such transactions will not be processed. Deposit/withdrawal will be available shortly.
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Maincoin (MNC) ICO

Created 15.11.2018 18:10
Dear customers, on 15.11.2018 Livecoin Exchange is launching an ICO on Maincoin (MNC) asset. ICO end date: 08.01.2019
You may review the ICO details below.

Asset name: Maincoin
Trading symbol: MNC
Total amount of tokens issued: 500,000,000
The coins are distributed in the following way:
- 250,000,000 coins remain in the company, not for sale, but for further development of the company business, and in particular for providing interest-bearing dividend cash-back rewards to the partners of the company.
- Coins allocated for Bounty program - 50,000,000
- Coins involved in sales at third-party ICO - 80,000,000
- Coins used in ICO at Livecoin – 120,000,000
- Number of decimal places: 18
- Contract address
- The block explorer
- The coin's own branded wallet
- Also compatible with any ETH-based wallet.

Presale 1 - 29.10.2018-29.11.2018 - 15 cents
Presale 2 - 29.11.2018-19.12.2018 - 30 cents
Presale 3 - 19.12.2018-08.01.2019 - 45 cents
General sale Whenever necessary - 60 cents

Whitepaper major points:
- The coin is fully backed by the company business, and is directly used for all payments by different business lines of the company;
- after the ICO is finished and the asset unfrozen, the coin will be available for providing interest-bearing cash-back rewards to all the partners.
- The coin has an extensive ecosystem already, and it has a commercial application.
- While ICO procedure is still running, only buying of Maincoin is possible.
- Selling of Maincoin will be available after the ICO is completed.
- All unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO is completed.
- In case all the coins are sold ahead of schedule, before ICO is finished, the ICO procedure stops, and the coin has to be unfrozen.
- The developer has the right to partially withdraw funds collected during the ICO for developing purposes.

Media channels:
BitcoinTalk BOUNTY
Github coins
Official site
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Created 13.11.2018 11:34
Dear clients, we completed ECOREAL airdrop.
3000 most active traders for last 30 days, have got ECOREAL tokens.
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Created 13.11.2018 10:25
Dear customers, we have completed NAM, ORE, HNR and ECHO assets SWAP procedures. Here is the list of new contracts addresses:

NAM: 0x22082e753D1606C65Ab70cfC79Bb9B3132984be8
ORE: 0xe2F8cA0168263e57248D225b1F2ff5478E1c8245
HNR: 0x84f63f48FD144461d429599A83ceC965e4700b9b
ECHO: 0xDb26F95b645aaA1C59BE8c43ddb381A3624ba55b
Tokens decimals: 8

As a result of the swap all holders of old tokens got the new tokens in the same amount as they had the old ones, this applies to both Livecoin exchange customers and to all users who held the funds on their personal wallets.

Please, do not transfer old tokens, such transactions wouldn't be processed by Livecoin and old tokens will be lost.
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ThaneCoin contest

Created 12.11.2018 18:46
Dear clients, the developers of TPI (ThaneCoin) are inviting You to participate in a contest with valuable awards.
Start date: November 14, 2018
End date: December 12, 2018

The most active 10 traders, trading in TPI/BTC pair, will share the prize fund of 50,000 TPI. Winners will be awarded in TPI. Coins will be deposited to your Livecoin account. There will be 10 Winners.

List of award amount per place is given below:
1 place 20 000 TPI
2 place 15 000 TPI
3 place 5 000 TPI
4-6 place 2 000 TPI
7-10 place 1 000 TPI
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Free Airdrop of ECOREAL asset

Created 09.11.2018 21:59
Dear clients, developers of ECOREAL asset run free Airdrop among most active Livecoin clients as part of building of brand awareness. Airdrop will be carried out among 3000 most active Livecoin traders on 12.11.2018. Each client will get a part of 150000 coins prize fund.

A bit later we will announce a contest among active ECOREAL traders with valuable prizes.
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Veros contest

Created 07.11.2018 16:34
Dear clients, the developers of VRS (Veros) are inviting You to participate in a contest with valuable awards.
Start date: November 8, 2018
End date: November 15, 2018

The most active 12 traders, trading in VRS/BTC pair, will have a chance to share the prize fund of 200,000 VRS.
Winners will be awarded in VRS. Coins will be deposited to your Livecoin account. There will be 12 Winners.

List of award amount per place is given below:
1 place 60 000 VRS
2 place 40 000 VRS
3-12 place 10 000 VRS
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VIU news

Created 02.11.2018 10:11
Dear clients, swap of VIU asset has been completed. The new contract address -
Please, don't deposit and withdraw from or to the old contract, such transactions will not be processed.
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TPI (ThaneCoin) contest completed

Created 31.10.2018 13:33
Dear customers, TPI (ThaneCoin) contest completed. 100 winners got TPI awards onto their accounts at Livecoin. Please, find below the winners' hash list below

5dd7258df61a7274e816369741804b83 800 TPI
b82a6bd37d00fc67926e78a3e711a9f4 400 TPI
3f2dd176fd52ca6c4255fc1db04be063 100 TPI
ec43820a7177f57a1c7496faf12854b7 100 TPI
9265e88a004476bd6caa89620555a667 100 TPI
1d706f5a1e544c5772b58bb22da2e7ab 100 TPI
c8a9ee37d911439b6d416b921180852d 100 TPI
8fd3328d1291ea240dda826b94345136 100 TPI
1a23fde7857f95c8674f68c4587d5cdb 100 TPI
4288fe076035a668c21b397201499b06 100 TPI
601b52fbc40be339b7a0f5d2058e492a 50 TPI
e634faa66f8f44140ad11d4403f58ced 50 TPI
7c62f35aa6c28df2e6307b67fdcc0f21 50 TPI
a7100c3ce0a80548a0c1cbec9cd6f4d6 50 TPI
b86ef9b11099f3d03cf6648a0533137b 50 TPI
cf5f1d657b14bff4befba0c29bb6cce8 50 TPI
97f5d8f314cdb74f75c0c7cd85fc7dd7 50 TPI
8db25b1ff24d34c746ce403cb0a215e0 50 TPI
88de2452b8dae31e456369d76ac27ea3 50 TPI
a9323a000b9f2805d0ddb6f00b309d8f 50 TPI
39be818d9f943182cd42fc3a3dc4d84e 50 TPI
037c8194c78e71dbb76dfedef5554e5e 50 TPI
29c37d6e8dcb684ca6ac3ba8017d0d7e 50 TPI
058deee50c5f891343e55ba74bd3f5db 50 TPI
8d7ed029f72860fd59b5f2bcfd4c9507 50 TPI
cf29b39fc87c13eb442d3b6387a1b74a 50 TPI
1154022a0d54e2559e148cb41e8f2fb0 50 TPI
0152c0bfaf588ba69e7eb771dda3799e 50 TPI
2548fc18c6ba828f1d58ca7a4d07534a 50 TPI
07ad73e4f97b7ef7730e2a15150e167d 50 TPI
2e40253eb62811650f98ef96b96bec4a 50 TPI
979aaed95dc9e2916a6f917faf13d67f 50 TPI
c609c5b7af39d5e271b89e4c97f11d0e 50 TPI
716200a1cf79ec1a65dc54ec6dc33fda 50 TPI
df41ab33d08939c5e89ebb2b02acbd8c 50 TPI
677d287dea4b07d06cd09631a3c39f94 50 TPI
4d21a03eda157ec71836a34f2c4a16a2 50 TPI
4531d06c880e47c020396d3ca4e92436 50 TPI
590f0d63eac1bc04df95ecdf63543422 50 TPI
bf164fe540783bcd45de20d0bea7e1a4 50 TPI
4e8b0524f137da857a3c5aba507934b2 50 TPI
44b98cbd2d1de71f4a4bb6d259cb1277 50 TPI
3706b57bb36cf937c63a3c7b27295ac5 50 TPI
fe4714ccb051bf2d8a29895b213323f8 50 TPI
f2886909b9e43c54aaa7ba200497178d 50 TPI
0a6a6eaedf7b003c020d6eb2b7b72824 50 TPI
342b191e873f9b2f0e3741d75c9e09d3 50 TPI
983af98d18cd6d7acd9892bde0c94fbc 50 TPI
12189336e665d2cb3855978afdc16194 50 TPI
b390a33aeee2df60b3c40636057705e9 50 TPI
3985946ebe3c74463ea74cc1d4e33c19 20 TPI
e0f05e41987767098c7960aa41f42e83 20 TPI
164e8b2c55c77af5f5da5804e1fe6514 20 TPI
89cc6669235449a689761c3d190b9b8a 20 TPI
65e986255e5d5265223abe4efef499e5 20 TPI
d77513aefb861ff991c91b727e267396 20 TPI
5a3dd2889023c7a32d058e67631985d9 20 TPI
ad6d1c03e08c55218868f5422da4c995 20 TPI
d9b18aa37fdb190538d0a802b663fb21 20 TPI
b598dd55cd0476699e96ee8bcfcb05b8 20 TPI
37c0573f2e29387b1e6397b36f94311c 20 TPI
ce4f1fe09e8d4b32ddc3aca730bb08e4 20 TPI
d79babecbceac083a254dbf8a04afc69 20 TPI
c0e7c15c07ed3cad6f575d2d55d0c979 20 TPI
0a7c8200864efed1115809c5313f3609 20 TPI
ce76c6d1e516d15aeb698a6880c811ed 20 TPI
1c574fdace74528167d0c8c4cc29ee93 20 TPI
e931de1ad877afc3d228fbe1f8a49ab7 20 TPI
5c074dc41586ae5f53f8c7573b81ba39 20 TPI
a424f9ba0f451699d4b6d1e02bbdfb44 20 TPI
e483ba664e232fca14de5004da7ff637 20 TPI
964f87717d0fd3a4750855f418e938a6 20 TPI
c80e1454a0e6c8d5e478c0dc229e035c 20 TPI
3b9a0bf613eca72c8c87b1001a347a16 20 TPI
7c0ed93417623f6a022320f0e5cd1e2d 20 TPI
4612b7481210ed9baf1e7d18d9d7f58a 20 TPI
dd239d9216629e2d66f9e465a65cea05 20 TPI
ae1eb7524ce13036e7186e1ad1dbf740 20 TPI
12f1945f4db09aaa86acc5cdee1b92bd 20 TPI
5113379066006c4141cf63421340f827 20 TPI
671d36f1f8e8ba56a2ecb697c9476501 20 TPI
52ed690f64504df16ff884c4cf48c66b 20 TPI
e942d4e89b2f3fafe077a19d560ded67 20 TPI
2d7bf43d00e832c99cc0dccf33636f58 20 TPI
dbd0bb05e8bc6549a2214740752f5147 20 TPI
2c8071e20642b93718a6554cb0168e8f 20 TPI
e610f27ebe46329a0bdbc97d25ce79f5 20 TPI
10abb301a73087c277002206e9998995 20 TPI
43dd16638a4125b869d19097f5c4ccab 20 TPI
ae58862d97ce25d07c49492cf5cdb7db 20 TPI
21d7b66b94fdd4e8438b24b279671c78 20 TPI
b38aec693c81a3add89399ad6f2e67d5 20 TPI
ec5d0baaa687596595980678fa989603 20 TPI
a8370f4ab915453f439bc8a77a51ddd3 20 TPI
0b37e5abddbc26a7cd202bc8783c4be2 20 TPI
48cf541e190be91e6ffd5cf3388d2bd9 20 TPI
aeb011b785f87f4ffe16248cb9b8fe2f 20 TPI
829f6eef9b23b99a885e7736b8a6873d 20 TPI
1dd121cbf6bc87ccdbe346546e2c4af1 20 TPI
77ca85541e96b4932cf8e10791ace5f9 20 TPI
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Swap of NAM, ORE, HNR, ECHO tokens

Created 30.10.2018 15:52
Dear customers, a swap of NAM, ORE, HNR, ECHO assets to the new tokens is going to be held on November 12, swap rate of 1:1. To participate, you only need to keep these tokens in your personal wallet or at your Livecoin account, no further actions required. The swap will be carried out by way of AirDrop onto your Livecoin balance or to your personal wallet. The purpose of this swap is bringing the tokens in compliance with technical requirements of the state regulatory authorities.

We request you to complete all deposits/withdrawals with old tokens before November 11, 2018. Livecoin won't process the old tokens after that deadline. The new contracts addresses will be announced in additional news release after the swap completed.
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Profitbox Payments completed

Created 29.10.2018 16:14
Dear customers, we pay rewards for holding your funds at our Exchange, at the moment there is one asset in the program - NEO.
To participate, you simply have to deposit any amount of NEO (the larger your deposit amount, the higher your reward). Funds in open orders are counted, too. Once in a month we credit GAS asset in accordance with your NEO balance throughout the period, calculation based on average value of your NEO balance for the last 30 days. Today we have completed another round of payments.
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ZilberPay accepts vouchers from Livecoin

Created 29.10.2018 16:00
Dear customers, ZilberPay payment system enables direct exchange of ZBC cryptocurrency vouchers issued by LiveCoin between ZilberPay wallet and Livecoin.

ZilberPay payment system is an online banking service providing instantaneous deposit/withdrawal to/from online wallet, where you can hold your ETH, BTC, BСH, ZBC funds. ZilberPay supports POS mining of ZilberCoin asset.

You can also obtain a MasterCard issued by ZilberPay ecosystem, and make your payments throughout the world in ZBC using MasterCard payment system (the first batch of cards is being collected at the moment). Money transfers inside the payment system and to Livecoin are free of charge.
Please, read more details at the website and on the Telegram
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VIU news

Created 26.10.2018 13:47
Dear clients, please, note, if you wish to swap the tokens at our Exchange, you have to deposit VIU tokens to your accounts balances before 12 noon (GMT+3) of October, 29.
After 12 noon (GMT+3) of October, 29 the VIU deposits won't be credited to accounts any more.
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VIU news

Created 26.10.2018 08:43
Dear clients, VIU tokens swap will occur on November 1, this asset is moving to a new contract. You don't have to do anything, we will take care of swap for you.
Swap rate is 1:1. Please take a note that after November 1, old deposits (using old contract) will not be processed.
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Buildan (BLD) ICO

Created 26.10.2018 08:38
Dear clients, we invite you to participate in Buildan ICO from 26.10.2018 (GMT+3) to 26.11.2018 (GMT+3).

Please find more data about ICO below.

Token name: Buildan
Token trading symbol: BLD
Token Total Supply: 26.000.000 (20.000.000 BLD for ICO, 6.000.000 BLD for Airdrop)
Token Decimals: 18
Token Contract address: 0xf73ec74b789fd3818de09944275cc75bae9ff60b
Block explorer
ICO duration: 1 month
Flat price: 100 satoshi
ICO Refund Wall: 50% of the amount raised during the ICO will be placed by the price of 120 satoshi (20% profit for participants). Duration - 4 days.
You can only buy during the ICO. Sell will be available after the ICO.
Unsold tokens will be burned.

Media channels.

Video Buildan project
Video ICO Project
BitcoinTalk Thread
Official website

Please find airdrop details for ICO participants below.

Airdrop will be carried out by Livecoin, by crediting tokens to participants' accounts.
1. First Week - You Get 30% (from 26.10.2018 to 1.11.2018)
1. Second Week - You Get 15% (from 2.10.2018 to 8.11.2018)
1. Third Week - You Get 10%. (from 9.10.2018 to 15.11.2018)

If you want to get Airdrop, you have to buy tokens on the amount of 0.05 BTC or more. Airdrop will be conducted after the end of refund wall.
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