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XcelToken Plus contest completed

Created 26.10.2019 09:25
Dear clients, XcelToken Plus contest completed. Winners got XLAB awards onto their accounts at Livecoin. Please, find below the winners' hash list below:
7c65e7271b3b3b68a6a3d3bb023b6df8 - 400 000 XLAB
e157b2ba28bc2a59df295c14d26ef7b3 - 200 000 XLAB
1e848ed5b86021ec36ebf4ffb162404a - 100 000 XLAB
78be850060d134b7566f3248bf09c3d1 - 50 000 XLAB
f50c42b8c32365675b9d77f7831db8c1 - 50 000 XLAB
8afa0d599e846a3b484d5693b9ee7538 - 50 000 XLAB
07c218eed000cdf7e0d4242fdeb8af12 - 50 000 XLAB
c533b6878011fc9171a1958eee8c3d05 - 50 000 XLAB
a0f79df8164cd129f703a7f496547b7f - 50 000 XLAB
c0e7c15c07ed3cad6f575d2d55d0c979 - 50 000 XLAB
994c82e17140ddfe802c1d09b0ceda16 - 25 000 XLAB
ba55f376f76c0cc9916b7025e2636df1 - 25 000 XLAB
f218e0e7940376d28f640dffc9e8556d - 25 000 XLAB
2141513c7d45ac9275539b0619fbbe10 - 25 000 XLAB
5dae94622cfca5f0d5dadab21a852c72 - 25 000 XLAB
6cf18196bec5559ab2d7c60fafefe19c - 25 000 XLAB
32733fa548fe0c1a9ce3578a29607fc8 - 25 000 XLAB
ecf063948b016d88e26651c0a16a40b8 - 25 000 XLAB
e9d2fa54c4ce4e19367e7af9b20876f8 - 25 000 XLAB
ce76c6d1e516d15aeb698a6880c811ed - 25 000 XLAB
5a3be16cd77b392f80b144d6d910f43e - 25 000 XLAB
53b2eec90ae705c969ae2db4f7d3ede8 - 25 000 XLAB
e439ffea1794dab0e9b34e8eb973c191 - 25 000 XLAB
4eb72926b91f113dccf36551f17317fa - 25 000 XLAB
812b71b8e501c0bc468f2489af204aaf - 25 000 XLAB
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Anne contest completed

Created 25.10.2019 16:08
Dear clients, Anne contest completed. Winners got ANNE awards onto their accounts at Livecoin. Please, find below the winners' hash list below:
0f0a6c5f107e9f862d6ee2fc11133a31 - 0.1 ANNE
42c38044ab95c7b9b2abf2b9a9a94b62 - 0.1 ANNE
ecf063948b016d88e26651c0a16a40b8 - 0.1 ANNE
10c54570e7b01ff2781389a2b39ea2a2 - 0.1 ANNE
244b38947f14809fd5560bf0b8f7ed2b - 0.1 ANNE
474bd943c34319fb0a37d4d67f18c5e4 - 0.1 ANNE
c0e7c15c07ed3cad6f575d2d55d0c979 - 0.1 ANNE
d405304e3999c2fcbfbdba616b97cd04 - 0.1 ANNE
4edd81fedea28e8d608a6ae7b3389de5 - 0.1 ANNE
f84fde6a510b671f4edd8973a8c70bdd - 0.1 ANNE
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DENEUM IEO announcement

Created 24.10.2019 08:38
Dear clients, on 6.11.2019 (20:00 Moscow time) Livecoin Exchange is launching an IEO on DENEUM (DNM) asset.
IEO end date: 19.11.2019 (20:00 Moscow time)
In case the first round closes ahead of schedule, additional tokensale round will be opened.

You may review the IEO details below.
Asset name: DENEUM
Trading symbol: DNM
Total amount of tokens: 15,000,000 DNM
Total amount of tokens available for IEO in 1st round: 40,000 DNM
Total amount of tokens available for IEO in 2nd round: 55,000 DNM
Number of decimal places: 2
Contract address 0x2896a4bbd70712bb3aad89eb65b5f6393768707c
Block explorer
Duration: 14 days
Price during the 1st round: 0.000597 BTC (4.90 USDT) / 1 DNM
Price during the 2nd round: 0.000690 BTC (5.65 USDT) / 1 DNM
Trading pairs - DNM/BTC, DNM/USDT
Minimum purchase - 10 DNM
During IEO only buy is available
Unsold tokens will be returned to developers
Withdraw and trading for DENEUM will be available on the next day after IEO finished
Deposit of DENEUM will be opened at 19 December

Buy DENEUM Tokens

What it DENEUM?

DENEUM gathers scientists, researchers, experimenters and business leaders around a simple mission: to create a source of clean energy to solve the energy and environmental problems.

The technology is based on low-temperature nuclear fusion, known for no harmful radiation, zero emissions and the use of tiny amounts of abundant non-radioactive materials.

In the most successful experiment, the team managed to get energy equivalent to burning 102 liters of gasoline from 1 gram of nickel in a hydrogen atmosphere. The experiment continuously lasted 225 days. The report is described in detail in the article and presented at the international conference ICCF22 in Italy. Chemical analysis was performed in 6 independent laboratories, including in the USA and Sweden.

Key facts

$720,000 USD was raised in May 2018 within a single day during the only Private Sale round.

The project is led by Dmitry Samoylovskikh, listed on the Forbes 30 to 30 list.

Leading theoretical physicist Fedor Zaitsev represents Russia in the international fusion project ITER with financing of $ 23b USD.

A cooperation agreement with NordPool, the largest electricity exchange in the world, covering 15 European countries.

DENEUM unites 7 laboratories in Europe, Russia and the USA. The main laboratory is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

689 scientific articles - the total number of publications by team members in scientific publications.

Why IEO?

In May 2018, DENEUM raised $720,000 USD during the Private Sale round. Since then team has been expanded, several laboratories have been equipped (including the main laboratory in Tallinn), and the result have been achieved - a reproducible fusion reaction with an excess of thermal energy.

The next stage is the prototype. Preliminary agreements have been reached with several energy companies, venture funds and industrial groups to participate in the investment round, which will be organized through Equity Options as the project approaches the prototype stage.

According to the team, this will require from 18 to 24 months and up to 1.5 million dollars in funding. Creating a source of clean energy for the benefit of everyone, the team follows a strategy to enable everyone to participate in its creation. For this, the project intentionally does not raise funds from funds and state corporations until later stages — instead it develops exclusively through private capital.

Problems that DENEUM solves

The global energy market is valued at $2 trillion. At the same time, today there is not a single technology that would be both safe for humans and nature, reliable and affordable in terms of capital and operating costs. According to UN, if this problem is not resolved in the next 12 years, the consequences for our planet will be irreversible.

Technology outcomes

DENEUM technology is both safe for humans and nature, portable and scalable, and up to 99% cheaper than existing energy sources. Upon reaching the commercial stage, the polluting sources will lose their economic sense, CO2 emissions will begin to decline. In addition, DENEUM technology will make possible such futuristic concepts as electric air / road / water transport with a power supply on board that will travel unlimited distances with almost zero cost and no environmental impact.

DNM Token

One DNM represents 1 MWh of electricity. The token is deliverable, which means that the holder of a certain number of tokens has the right to present DNM for exchange for physical electricity supply. The technical procedure and conditions are described in Whitepaper.

To date, 383,975.42 DNM are in circulation, mainly owned by investors of the Private Sale round, as well as two advisers and several team members.

Advantages for Token

Holders the DNM token is connected to the cost of 1 MWh of electricity.
The average cost of 1 MWh in the wholesale market in Europe is ~ 49 USD.
The cost of DNM in the first round of IEO: 4.90 USD, in the second round: 5.65 USD.
Thus, buying DNM at an early stage, you buy an asset with the possibility of multiple growth for fundamental reasons.

A token cannot cost cheap if the project succeeds, as the possibility of arbitration will open: everyone will be able to buy a token at a low price, receive a supply of electricity and sell it directly to the grid at a higher price.

To purchase electricity, consumers will be purchasing tokens from the market for their subsequent exchange, thereby providing support for token price.

Until December 19, 2019, the already circulating tokens are not allowed to enter the exchange, which means that current token holders are technically unable to impact the prices of the token in the first month of trading.

Additional bonuses, valuable prizes and privileges are provided for the participants of the first round. Find out more about how to get them here.
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iExchange IEO completed

Created 22.10.2019 22:58
Dear clients, the IEO of iExchange was successfully completed.
Withdrawal and trading will be opened in the nearest future.
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ANNE contest

Created 18.10.2019 09:37
Dear clients, the developers of ANNE asset invite you to participate in the contest with valuable prizes. The contest will be held from October 18, 2019 to October 25, 2019.

Top 10 traders reaching the largest trading turnover in ANNE at Livecoin Exchange within the time frame of 10 A.M. 18.10.2019 to 10 A.M. 25.10.2019 will be awarded with prizes. The time is listed as UTC. Both sell and buy orders are counted.

The prizes will be given in ANNE coins, credited to the winners' accounts at Livecoin.

There are 10 prize-places in total, all the top 10 winners will get equal prizes - 0.1 ANNE
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Aeternity (AE) swap completed

Created 16.10.2019 09:41
Dear clients, we have completed the Aeternity (AE) swap due to moving of AE to its own blockchain and network.
Deposit available already.
Please, do not send deposits to old addresses, it won't be processed.
You can get the new addresses in the Balance section.
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BTT Airdrop completed

Created 15.10.2019 17:15
Dear clients, we completed an Airdrop of BTT tokens. 4177 clients have got their tokens.
We also support all the next Airdrops of BTT tokens. If you want to participate in next Airdrop, just deposit TRX to your account, no additional actions required.
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Blicico IEO announcement

Created 15.10.2019 09:47
Dear clients, on October 22 (15:00 Moscow time) Livecoin Exchange is launching an IEO on BLICICO asset.
IEO end date: November 5 (23:00 Moscow time)
In case the first round closes ahead of schedule, additional tokensale round will be opened.

You may review the IEO details below.

Asset name: Blicico
Trading symbol: BLC
Total amount of tokens issued: 21,000,000
Total amount of tokens available in IEO: 200,000
Number of decimal places: 11
Contract address: BLC-eos-blicicooffer
The block explorer
Duration: 15 days
Price 0,00037 BTC for 1 BLC
0,01622 ETH for 1 BLC
3 USDT for 1 BLC
Trading pairs - BTC/ETH/USDT
Minimum purchase - 1 BLC
During IEO only buy is available

Unsold tokens will be returned to developers
Withdraw and trading for BLC will be available on the next day after IEO finished
Deposit of BLC will be opened at 20 November

Buy Blicico Tokens

The information below is provided by the developers of the project.

About Blicico

Blicico is a universal platform of insurance aggregation based on Blockchain technology, which allows to define and transmit precise risk limits, optimize costs and insurance processes. Blicico ecosystem unites the participants of the insurance market in various spheres and serves as a vital tool for insurers, policy holders and industrial companies. Blicico platform changes the insurance rules of the game and presents a new alternative, whereby the clients know the exact risk boundaries supported by the creation of short-term insurance contracts.

The company simplifies the entire insurance cycle and provides with an opportunity to compare and choose the best policy from all the alternatives offered by the market. The implementation of Blicico aggregator allows to activate insurance exactly at the time you are risking, whereas the insurance companies obtain the most accurate and relevant information on each case, thanks to our technological solutions. Cost optimization, fair tariffs, accurate risk estimation, a free choice of an insurer and high-end technology – this is all about Blicico.

The project’s team creates a new progressive and competitive environment in the insurance market.
All the team members are professional experts with over 20 years of experience working in the tech-oriented or insurance industries.

Key team members and advisors

Unique value proposition

1. Precise Risk Limits

Due to the implementation of Blockchain and other technological solutions, we collect and deliver all the information regarding each insurance subject only at the moment when a certain risk could possibly occur. Blicico controls insurance risks at every possible step and obtains reliable data about an insured subject first hand, which is then passed to the insurance companies.

2. Short-Term Contracts

Instead of long-term expensive contracts, we offer a better alternative. We focus on creating short-term insurance agreements with clear risk boundaries. Our platform allows to switch on the insurance at the time when you are actually risking, therefore decreasing re-insurance costs, long-term complexities, and at the same time, increasing flexibility and accuracy.

3. Fair Pricing

By eliminating intermediary costs, re-insurance, underestimation of risks and other components of a traditional insurance tariff, as well as creating a competitive environment between insurers, clients are able to receive the best possible deals based on a fair and transparent pricing policy.

4. Unified Profile

There is no need to send documents separately to each insurance company. Any client fulfils all the details once the registration on the platform takes place, and then the profile is shared between all the insurers available.

5. Ability to Choose

Our user-friendly interface simplifies the whole insurance cycle and allows each client to compare and select the best policy from all the alternatives offered by marketplaces. Simplicity of contract execution provides flexibility and freedom to switch insurers at the time suitable for a client.

Blicico Products

Blicico Life provides a unique opportunity to get short-term insurance for all types of life events from insurers present on the marketplace. The system allows to get insurance from any location within a few minutes, regardless whether you play tennis, snowboard, dive or raft.

Blicico Cargo is an online marketplace that disrupts the insurance market of transportation, by building a unique digital system, whereby insurers and transport companies interact at a new level combining lower costs, reliable and objective data, one-click procedures, flexible solutions and accurate risk estimation.

Blicico Taxi is an innovative platform for taxi aggregators and passengers, whereby Blicico is able to reduce insurance expenses by 5-7 times by eliminating the calculation of risks for 365 days and 24 hours a day.

Blicico Ecosystem & BLC Token

The Blicico ecosystem consists of multiple types of insurance products. One of the key components within the ecosystem is a distributed ledger technology and its deployment as one of the key differentiators and innovative approaches to solve the issues around the traditional insurance model. Blockchain will be used to access insurance related information, clearly define the start and end terms of the policy, split multiple risks into separate variables to be used in risk modelling, and foster the creation of new and improved premium calculations.

BLC Token serves as a vital utility instrument for the Blicico ecosystem participants and insurance clients. Token holders will have an opportunity to reduce the cost in the structure of the tariff rate of the insurance company and get a 35% discount when purchasing and paying for any policy available on the platform with BLC tokens. Apart from that, the company offers a 5% bonus as an additional value to the purchase of BLC Tokens starting from 0,1 BTC at the time of IEO.

Why should you buy BLC Tokens?

  • The highest risk in terms of the product development has passed as the company has already developed MVP, which is almost ready for its full scale launch;
  • Blicico is already a well-established brand on the market with a professional team, who is recognized across the global insurance industry;
  • Token holders will benefit from significant cost reductions on any insurance policy available on the platform, apart from the innovative features and facilitated insurance process, that Blicico offers to all its users;
  • IEO participants receive a 5% bonus as an additional value to the purchase of BLC Tokens starting from 0,1 BTC at the time of IEO.

Buy Blicico Tokens
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New trading pairs with Crypto Price Platform

Created 11.10.2019 08:45
Dear clients, new markets CPP/BTC, CPP/ETH and CPP/USD are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pairs with ALLBI Cash

Created 11.10.2019 08:42
Dear clients, new markets ALLBIH/BTC, ALLBIH/ETH and ALLBIH/USD are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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Roobee contest completed

Created 08.10.2019 19:44
Dear clients, Roobee contest completed. Please, find below the winners' hash list below:
- MacBook Pro was drawn among the Top 10 participants for purchased Roobee tokens - the winner is a580c90c5421d12a1d68ba0ce5705035
- MacBook Air was drawn among the Top 50 participants for purchased Roobee tokens - the winner is 117fd179877bd0295928848a0cfa85b4
- Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro was drawn among the Top 100 participants for purchased Roobee tokens - the winner is fd106890f1e2fbe4867aebc8aed6750c
- Among all the Roobee IEO participants: an x2 multiplier to the amount of tokens purchased was be drawn - winner the fc85b3e8ed0bdf3f1b89f25554247380

You can see your encrypted username in your account in the Security section
We ask winners to contact us for further instructions
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Today at 19.00 Moscow time (GMT+3) a prize draw will be held!

Created 08.10.2019 17:42
Dear customers, we would like to inform you about the prize drawing for the Roobee IEO participants
The prize draw live broadcast will be accessed via this link: Link
What prizes can IEO participants get, depending on the volume of tokens purchased:

- Among the top-10 participants by volume of the purchased Roobee tokens: a drawing of MacBook Pro will be held.
- Among the top-50 participants by volume of the purchased Roobee tokens: a drawing of MacBook Air will be held.
- Among the top-100 participants by volume of the purchased Roobee tokens: a drawing of Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro will be held.

Among all the Roobee IEO participants:, an x2 multiplier to the amount of tokens purchased will be drawn. For example, the user has bought 100,000 Roobee tokens and won in the prize draw, in this case he will receive an extra bonus of 100,000 Roobee tokens in the staking format!

The prize draw live broadcast will be accessed via this link: Link
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Roobee news

Created 08.10.2019 10:16
Dear customers, for the clients of our exchange the Roobee team prepared bonuses for participation in the IEO, which are as follows:

The Silver status when buying Roobee tokens in the amount equivalent of 2000 USD received:

You can find more details about the Silver status here

The Gold status when buying Roobee tokens for the amount equivalent of 4000 USD received:

You can find more details about the Gold status here

The Prime status when buying Roobee tokens for the equivalent amount of 8000 USD received:

You can find more details about the Prime status here

To get the code, please contact via tickets.
You can see your encrypted username in your account in the Security section
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IEO start on iExchange asset was postponed to October 10.

Created 08.10.2019 09:55
Dear Clients,
IEO start on iExchange asset was postponed to October 10. (15:00 Moscow time)
End date of IEO: October 22 (23.00 Moscow time).
You can see the parameters of IEO below:

Asset Name: iExchange
Trade Symbol: IEX
Total Tokens Available in IEO: 30,000,000 IEX
Number of decimal places: 4
Contract Address: tradeiexcoin
Block Explorer:
IEO Duration: 13 days
Price 0.0000011 BTC for 1 IEX
Trading pairs - IEX / BTC
Minimum purchase amount - 1000 IEX

During the IEO, only a purchase is possible.We will inform you about the opening tradind date of the in the news.
Unsold tokens will be returned to developers. IEX withdrawal will be open the day after IEO is completed.

The information below is provided by the developers of the project

About the project

iExchange — high security trading and investment blockchain platform.

A regulated, multifunctional trading and investment platform that provides non-banking cryptocurrency investment tools with a flexible risk management mechanism. The main feature of the platform is the possibility to perform cryptocurrency operations for both individuals and legal entities in an absolutely legal way.

Buy iExchange Tokens

Buy tokens and get a bonus!

We don't give bonuses that will then collapse the exchange rate!
We encourage investors by offering exclusive conditions to use our products.
We approach each investor individually, depending on his needs and the number of purchased coins.
For exclusive terms and conditions, please contact us at [email protected]

We will draw valuable prizes and tokens doublers among all IEO participants on the Livecoin exchange.

Why invest in our project?


iExchange is a regulated platform, resident of High Technologies Park, which operates within legal bounds in accordance with Decree No. 8 «On Development of Digital Economy».

Officially registered legal entity Cryptotrade LLC.

Certificate of residence in HTP

Decree No. 8 creates legal basis for the circulation of cryptocurrencies, and all blockchain applications are legalized. High Technologies Park of the Republic of Belarus (HTP) performs the functions of the regulator.

In order to be able to legally perform operations with cryptocurrencies, a company must become an HTP resident. All applicants are subject to strict requirements to ensure information security, solvency, compliance with KYC and AML policies, availability of necessary technical infrastructure, qualified personnel, etc. Compliance with these requirements should be confirmed by an independent external audit conducted by one of the «Big Four»companies.
Compliance with all requirements is a guarantee of reliability and success of the company.

Complete list of requirements for applicant companies


In May-June 2019 Ernst & Young LLC (Ernst & Young) conducted an audit of compliance with the requirements of the "Regulations on the requirements to be met by individual applicants for registration as HTP residents" of Cryptotrade LLC.

Audit result for Cryptotrade LLC:Successful.

This means that the audit was passed without reservations and comments, and confirmed full compliance of Cryptotrade LLC with all requirements of the regulator.
Official press release

The company's obligations include annual audits by the Big Four company. In addition to general and financial audits, the company is required to regularly undergo an external independent technical audit, confirming the reliability and fault tolerance of the software used.

Authorized Capital $1 000 000

One of the main requirements of the regulator is the contribution of the authorized capital in the amount of $1,000,000. This money cannot actually be used, it must be permanently held on the company's accounts.
In the event of the company's bankruptcy, these funds, as well as all other assets of the company, will be blocked by the regulator and will be used to repay obligations to clients.

Complete Product

The most dangerous period for IEO investors is already behind, the project has been implemented and generates income. iExchange token is backed up by a real and highly profitable business — a functioning trading and investment platform.

Buy iExchange Tokens

IEXcoin Token

IEXcoin token (IEX) is designed as an integral part of iExchange ecosystem.
The token is implemented on EOS blockchain;
Symbol: IEX;
Initial cost of 1 IEX = 0.0000011 BTC;
Contract address: tradeiexcoin;
Block Explorer:

Token Use

IEXcoin token holders receive more favorable conditions on iExchange, additional bonuses, significant discounts on commissions and other service fees.

Significant discounts on:

  • Cryptocurrency trading fees;
  • Futures and ETF trading fees;
  • Copy trading service fees;
  • Fiat funds withdrawal fees;
  • Listing of new coins;
  • Conducting IEO;
  • iExchange services as an IEO/ICO organizer;
  • Custodial service;
  • Asset management service.

Why will IEXcoin token price go up?

  1. Regulation and audit make the token attractive to investors.
  2. The current business — investment platform iExchange, provides the economic basis for the token.
  3. Constant and growing demand. IEXcoin is a utility-token used in all platform products launched in 2019-2020. The offer is limited and additional emission is not possible. The token is actively used in margin trading of derivatives, which will be launched before the end of this year.
  4. Listing on large exchanges is scheduled for the end of October 2019.
Buy iExchange Tokens
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New trading pairs with Gexan

Created 07.10.2019 08:57
Dear clients, new markets GEX/BTC, GEX/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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New trading pairs with CryptoBossCoin

Created 04.10.2019 12:06
Dear clients, new markets CBC/BTC, CBC/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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XcelToken Plus contest

Created 03.10.2019 19:51
Dear clients, all users of our Exchange have an opportunity to take part in the trading contest from XcelTrip project.
TOP 50 traders, which showed the highest trading volume during this period will be rewarded with XcelToken Plus (XLAB).

The competition will be held from 10/10/2019 to 25/10/2019
XLAB / BTC and XLAB / ETH pairs are involved.

1st place - 400000 XLAB
2nd place - 200000 XLAB
3rd place - 100000 XLAB
4th to 10th places - 50000 XLAB
11th to 25th places - 25000 XLAB

The organizer has the right to change the contest conditions at any time.
The organizer has the right to disqualify any participant in case of suspicion of fraud or dishonest actions.
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New trading pairs with Barbarossa Invest Token

Created 03.10.2019 11:43
Dear clients, new markets BARIN/BTC, BARIN/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!

The information below is provided by the developers of the project is an investment blockchain project. Each BARIN token sold within 34 days will be secured with Internet assets, advertising revenue websites, mobile applications, social media groups or messenger channels, and any Internet asset with profitability. The token holder can receive dividends in the personal account of the project.

The project became a finalist of the Emerging Europe Awards in the Business Innovation Competition 2019 and was recommended by PWS (PricewaterhouseCoopers). got a license in "Financial services, Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency" and "Financial services, Providing a virtual currency wallet service." An investment loan will be made in the personal account with each token holder.
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Roobee IEO completed

Created 01.10.2019 12:08
Dear clients, the IEO of Roobee was successfully completed.
Withdrawal are available right now, trading will be opened in the nearest future.
When the developers make up the contest outcome, we will contact winners.
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New trading pairs with WINk

Created 01.10.2019 09:11
Dear clients, new markets WIN/BTC, WIN/ETH are available for trading.
Official website -
Wishing you good trading!
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