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Maximine Coin (MXM) news

Created 19.04.2019 12:36
Dear clients, as you may know, MXM project has suffered from attack, this was confirmed by developers.

They also claimed to swap old coins to new ones according this statemen
Herewith we asked developers about swap and got no response. Swap was not completed.

We hold 3125807 MXM coins on behalf of our clients. However, we got 17860 new MXM coins from developers.

We ask all MXM holders to ask developers run correct swap and send 3125807 new MXM coins to our clients. Otherwise, we will not be able to open deposit/withdrawal of MXM coins. Another way is to credit our clients in accordance of 17860 new coins, but we don't think that this is a real option to review.
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