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Maincoin (MNC) ICO

Created 15.11.2018 18:10
Dear customers, on 15.11.2018 Livecoin Exchange is launching an ICO on Maincoin (MNC) asset. ICO end date: 08.01.2019
You may review the ICO details below.

Asset name: Maincoin
Trading symbol: MNC
Total amount of tokens issued: 500,000,000
The coins are distributed in the following way:
- 250,000,000 coins remain in the company, not for sale, but for further development of the company business, and in particular for providing interest-bearing dividend cash-back rewards to the partners of the company.
- Coins allocated for Bounty program - 50,000,000
- Coins involved in sales at third-party ICO - 80,000,000
- Coins used in ICO at Livecoin – 120,000,000
- Number of decimal places: 18
- Contract address
- The block explorer
- The coin's own branded wallet
- Also compatible with any ETH-based wallet.

Presale 1 - 29.10.2018-29.11.2018 - 15 cents
Presale 2 - 29.11.2018-19.12.2018 - 30 cents
Presale 3 - 19.12.2018-08.01.2019 - 45 cents
General sale Whenever necessary - 60 cents

Whitepaper major points:
- The coin is fully backed by the company business, and is directly used for all payments by different business lines of the company;
- after the ICO is finished and the asset unfrozen, the coin will be available for providing interest-bearing cash-back rewards to all the partners.
- The coin has an extensive ecosystem already, and it has a commercial application.
- While ICO procedure is still running, only buying of Maincoin is possible.
- Selling of Maincoin will be available after the ICO is completed.
- All unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO is completed.
- In case all the coins are sold ahead of schedule, before ICO is finished, the ICO procedure stops, and the coin has to be unfrozen.
- The developer has the right to partially withdraw funds collected during the ICO for developing purposes.

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