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Created 06.06.2019 14:35
Dear clients, ALLBI developers decided to distribute LEX tokens to all users of our Exchange for free. All the holders of ALLBI tokens will get LEX at 1:1 ratio.
Every holder of LEX tokens will be offered a free online course at his/her choice at one of the biggest online learning platforms in Europe
Regular cost of one course: ~100 Eur.
The platform offers 20 online courses, the majority of them translated into English. Many courses are also translated into Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Greek, Slovenian, Dutch. Please, read more about the courses at the website:

How to get LEX tokens:
1. You should have ALLBI tokens at your balance at
2. On 30.06.2019, everyone who owns ALLBI tokens will get a 1:1 bonus LEX tokens to his/her account.
For example: If you have 1000 ALLBI tokens at your account, you will get 1000 LEX tokens for free as a bonus.
3. Sign up to the website: (choose your language)
4. Choose LEX token in the menu of your username account and enter your address for LEX token. You should specify your personal address, the one that you used earlier to withdraw the tokens from the Exchange. Do not enter the address from Livecoin, in this case we won't be able to calculate your balance.
5. Select the desired online course and in the voucher or promo code field simply enter LIVECOIN
*No matter what amount of LEX tokens you hold - the quantity does not matter, you may have only 1 LEX token, or 1 million - you will get a free online course anyway.

You will also be free to trade your LEX tokens at LIVECOIN Exchange without any restrictions.

The total amount of LEX tokens: 10,000 million.
Smart contract address: 0x7da77a70449930b77f48314917b26d0d8c8cb51b
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