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MonaCoin news

Created 16.07.2019 11:51
Dear customers.
Due to the fact, that in May, 15, 2018, MONA asset had been attacked, and its blockchain was compromised. Many customers - holders of the said coins, as well as exchanges, from which MONA coins were stolen completely or partially, suffered considerable losses.
Our Exchange was no exclusion, it was exposed to financial losses, too, because of the attack.
We were the first to contact the developer and point out the problems with blockchain. There has been many publications on this issue, including some major online news websites.

You will also find other exchanges' customers requests, addressed to the said asset developers, demanding to solve this problem.

In case of damage caused through actions or inactions of developers/owners of the asset, namely, security breach of the blockchain/network, we always seek to claim compensation for losses from the developers, as they bear full responsibility for their product. We have been trying to get compensation from MONA developers for a long time, all without success, they refused to bear responsibility for the damage inflicted on their project. In this connection, we are forced to delist the asset within 2 weeks.
The deposit/withdrawal of this asset is impossible given the lack of MONA coins stolen during the attack on Mona blockchain. The trade will remain opened until the last day.

We are still willing to dialogue with the developers, if you want to get Mona coins for withdrawal, please, contact them, demanding a compensation for MONA network breach. If they make up for the harm caused by hacking of their project, we shall immediately distribute coins, received from the developers, between all customers.
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