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World Politics (WP Token) Airdrop

Created 17.07.2019 18:27
Dear clients, by the decision of ALLBI developers, we are going to run an Airdrop of World Politics (WP Tokens) for our Exchange users
How to get the WP Tokens:
1. You should have ALLBI, LEX or LibraF tokens at your balance at Livecoin Exchange
2. On August, 19, 2019, each holder of ALLBI, LEX or LibraF tokens will get World Politics:
- all ALLBI holders will get WP Tokens at 1:10 ratio (which means, that if you have 1 000 ALLBI at your balance, you get 10 000 WP Tokens) ;
- all LEX holders will get WP Tokens at 1:5 ratio ( you have 1 000 LEX - you get 5 000 WP Tokens)
- all LibraF holders will get WP Tokens at 1:1 ratio ( you have 1 000 LibraF - you get 1 000 WP Tokens)

World Politics (WP Token) - this is a platform that aims to create the opportunity for registered users on the site to initiate referendums on public and important issues
You will be also able to trade WP Tokens at Livecoin Exchange without any limitations.

The total amount of WP Tokens: 880,000,000
The contract address: 0xe1ec8f50aa94f72bb998ddcae6ca68dcff44081d
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