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iExchange IEO

Created 25.09.2019 08:34
Dear Clients,
On October 8 (at 15:00 Moscow time), IEO will launch for the iExchange asset on the Livecoin exchange.
End date of IEO: October 22 (23.00 Moscow time).

You can see the parameters of IEO below:

Asset Name: iExchange
Trade Symbol: IEX
Total Tokens Available in IEO: 30,000,000 IEX
Number of decimal places: 4
Contract Address: tradeiexcoin
Block Explorer:
IEO Duration: 15 days
Price 0.0000011 BTC for 1 IEX
Trading pairs - IEX / BTC
Minimum purchase amount - 1000 IEX
During the IEO, only a purchase is possible.We will inform you about the opening tradind date of the in the news.
Unsold tokens will be returned to developers. IEX withdrawal will be open the day after IEO is completed.

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The information below is provided by the developers of the project.

About the project.

iExchange is a regulated exchange that operates in the legal field of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with Decree No. 8 "On the development of the digital economy" signed by President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko. iExchange has entered into a partnership agreement with the international cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, which is a liquidity provider for iExchange. Thus, the liquidity problem is already solved at the start. The project team is a group of international experts in the field of law, blockchain and technology from the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Canada, China. The experience and skills of the team are confirmed by a successful external audit of the international company Ernst & Young in accordance with the International Standard International Standards on Assurance Engagements (ISAEs) 3000.
External penetration testing, as well as stress testing of the entire platform, was carried out by Kyte Consultants Ltd, which confirmed the reliability and safety of the proprietary software used. The iExchange platform and business processes are built in full compliance with PCI DSS and ISO: 27001.

Key team members and advisors

Key team members and advisors

iExchange Benefits

  • Work in a regulated jurisdiction, as a result, the reliability and security of investments, the legal origin of funds received on the exchange;
  • Official status of a resident of the High-Tech Park of the Republic of Belarus;
  • The authorized capital of the company more than $ 1,000,000;
  • Annual audit by an independent auditor;
  • Liquidity from OKEx international exchange;
  • The company has a qualified cybersecurity team. An audit was conducted confirming the high level of security of storage of crypto assets;
  • Functional and convenient trading terminal;
  • Wide selection of trading instruments;
  • Professional technical support service;
  • After exiting the beta version - The ability to enter and withdraw fiat funds via bank transfer, as well as by VISA and Mastercard payment systems;
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IEX Token

The iExcoin token (IEX) is designed as an integral part of the iExchange ecosystem.
The strategic goal of iExchange is to create a liquid and safe tool for trading, investing, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies, which will:
  • provide a wide range of tools for traders and investors, including both unique and already popular in the cryptocurrency market investment instruments (deliverable and non-deliverable futures, cryptocurrency indices, etc.);
  • provide high liquidity;
  • work in the legal field, thereby reducing the risks of users.
To date, the basic functionality of the iExchange 1.0 cryptocurrency exchange has already been implemented and is operating, which has two of the three listed properties: iExchange conducts legal activities as a resident of the High Technology Park (Republic of Belarus) and provides customers with high liquidity. All further steps for the development of the project (implementation and launch iExchange 2.0) will be used to create a unique cryptoplatform: still legal and safe, but with a variety of tools for trade and investment, as well as a high level of user support. Planned IEO will be held to raise funds for the development of the project (implementation and launch of «iExchange 2.0» system). See the WhitePaper project for more details.
Planned IEO will be held to raise funds for the development of the project (implementation and launch of «iExchange 2.0» system). See the WhitePaper project for more details.
During the first stage of the token sale, more than 102,998,001 IEX tokens were sold, worth $ 1,027,000. Most of this amount was acquired by investors from China. Under the terms of the agreements with Chinese investors, purchased coins aren’t displayed by them on the market before the second quarter of 2021.

Benefits of Token Holders

Users who buy and hold tokens IEX, will be able to obtain more favorable terms of cooperation with iExchange, additional bonuses, as well as significant discounts on the payment of commissions and other fees for the use of services and services iExchange crypto platform exchange.
For example: commission for trading cryptocurrencies, payment of a commission for exchange transactions, commission for depositing / withdrawing fiat funds, listing of new coins, conducting IEO on iExchange and other services as soon as the corresponding functionality appears. As the project develops, it’s planned to burn tokens, as a result, the total volume of IEX tokens in circulation will be significantly reduced.

Why buy IEXcoin?

  • The most dangerous period for IEO investors is already behind. The project is implemented and generates income. The coin is backed by a real and highly profitable business - the current cryptocurrency exchange;
  • IEXcoin has practical application (payment of exchange commissions, payment of listing coins on the exchange and IEO, payment of all new services provided by WhitePaper), which will always ensure high demand for the coin, and as a result, an increase in its market value.
Buy iExchange Tokens
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