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Blicico IEO announcement

Created 15.10.2019 09:47
Dear clients, on October 22 (15:00 Moscow time) Livecoin Exchange is launching an IEO on BLICICO asset.
IEO end date: November 5 (23:00 Moscow time)
In case the first round closes ahead of schedule, additional tokensale round will be opened.

You may review the IEO details below.

Asset name: Blicico
Trading symbol: BLC
Total amount of tokens issued: 21,000,000
Total amount of tokens available in IEO: 200,000
Number of decimal places: 11
Contract address: BLC-eos-blicicooffer
The block explorer
Duration: 15 days
Price 0,00037 BTC for 1 BLC
0,01622 ETH for 1 BLC
3 USDT for 1 BLC
Trading pairs - BTC/ETH/USDT
Minimum purchase - 1 BLC
During IEO only buy is available

Unsold tokens will be returned to developers
Withdraw and trading for BLC will be available on the next day after IEO finished
Deposit of BLC will be opened at 20 November

Buy Blicico Tokens

The information below is provided by the developers of the project.

About Blicico

Blicico is a universal platform of insurance aggregation based on Blockchain technology, which allows to define and transmit precise risk limits, optimize costs and insurance processes. Blicico ecosystem unites the participants of the insurance market in various spheres and serves as a vital tool for insurers, policy holders and industrial companies. Blicico platform changes the insurance rules of the game and presents a new alternative, whereby the clients know the exact risk boundaries supported by the creation of short-term insurance contracts.

The company simplifies the entire insurance cycle and provides with an opportunity to compare and choose the best policy from all the alternatives offered by the market. The implementation of Blicico aggregator allows to activate insurance exactly at the time you are risking, whereas the insurance companies obtain the most accurate and relevant information on each case, thanks to our technological solutions. Cost optimization, fair tariffs, accurate risk estimation, a free choice of an insurer and high-end technology – this is all about Blicico.

The project’s team creates a new progressive and competitive environment in the insurance market.
All the team members are professional experts with over 20 years of experience working in the tech-oriented or insurance industries.

Key team members and advisors

Unique value proposition

1. Precise Risk Limits

Due to the implementation of Blockchain and other technological solutions, we collect and deliver all the information regarding each insurance subject only at the moment when a certain risk could possibly occur. Blicico controls insurance risks at every possible step and obtains reliable data about an insured subject first hand, which is then passed to the insurance companies.

2. Short-Term Contracts

Instead of long-term expensive contracts, we offer a better alternative. We focus on creating short-term insurance agreements with clear risk boundaries. Our platform allows to switch on the insurance at the time when you are actually risking, therefore decreasing re-insurance costs, long-term complexities, and at the same time, increasing flexibility and accuracy.

3. Fair Pricing

By eliminating intermediary costs, re-insurance, underestimation of risks and other components of a traditional insurance tariff, as well as creating a competitive environment between insurers, clients are able to receive the best possible deals based on a fair and transparent pricing policy.

4. Unified Profile

There is no need to send documents separately to each insurance company. Any client fulfils all the details once the registration on the platform takes place, and then the profile is shared between all the insurers available.

5. Ability to Choose

Our user-friendly interface simplifies the whole insurance cycle and allows each client to compare and select the best policy from all the alternatives offered by marketplaces. Simplicity of contract execution provides flexibility and freedom to switch insurers at the time suitable for a client.

Blicico Products

Blicico Life provides a unique opportunity to get short-term insurance for all types of life events from insurers present on the marketplace. The system allows to get insurance from any location within a few minutes, regardless whether you play tennis, snowboard, dive or raft.

Blicico Cargo is an online marketplace that disrupts the insurance market of transportation, by building a unique digital system, whereby insurers and transport companies interact at a new level combining lower costs, reliable and objective data, one-click procedures, flexible solutions and accurate risk estimation.

Blicico Taxi is an innovative platform for taxi aggregators and passengers, whereby Blicico is able to reduce insurance expenses by 5-7 times by eliminating the calculation of risks for 365 days and 24 hours a day.

Blicico Ecosystem & BLC Token

The Blicico ecosystem consists of multiple types of insurance products. One of the key components within the ecosystem is a distributed ledger technology and its deployment as one of the key differentiators and innovative approaches to solve the issues around the traditional insurance model. Blockchain will be used to access insurance related information, clearly define the start and end terms of the policy, split multiple risks into separate variables to be used in risk modelling, and foster the creation of new and improved premium calculations.

BLC Token serves as a vital utility instrument for the Blicico ecosystem participants and insurance clients. Token holders will have an opportunity to reduce the cost in the structure of the tariff rate of the insurance company and get a 35% discount when purchasing and paying for any policy available on the platform with BLC tokens. Apart from that, the company offers a 5% bonus as an additional value to the purchase of BLC Tokens starting from 0,1 BTC at the time of IEO.

Why should you buy BLC Tokens?

  • The highest risk in terms of the product development has passed as the company has already developed MVP, which is almost ready for its full scale launch;
  • Blicico is already a well-established brand on the market with a professional team, who is recognized across the global insurance industry;
  • Token holders will benefit from significant cost reductions on any insurance policy available on the platform, apart from the innovative features and facilitated insurance process, that Blicico offers to all its users;
  • IEO participants receive a 5% bonus as an additional value to the purchase of BLC Tokens starting from 0,1 BTC at the time of IEO.

Buy Blicico Tokens
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