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DENEUM IEO announcement

Created 24.10.2019 08:38
Dear clients, on 6.11.2019 (20:00 Moscow time) Livecoin Exchange is launching an IEO on DENEUM (DNM) asset.
IEO end date: 19.11.2019 (20:00 Moscow time)
In case the first round closes ahead of schedule, additional tokensale round will be opened.

You may review the IEO details below.
Asset name: DENEUM
Trading symbol: DNM
Total amount of tokens: 15,000,000 DNM
Total amount of tokens available for IEO in 1st round: 40,000 DNM
Total amount of tokens available for IEO in 2nd round: 55,000 DNM
Number of decimal places: 2
Contract address 0x2896a4bbd70712bb3aad89eb65b5f6393768707c
Block explorer
Duration: 14 days
Price during the 1st round: 0.000597 BTC (4.90 USDT) / 1 DNM
Price during the 2nd round: 0.000690 BTC (5.65 USDT) / 1 DNM
Trading pairs - DNM/BTC, DNM/USDT
Minimum purchase - 10 DNM
During IEO only buy is available
Unsold tokens will be returned to developers
Withdraw and trading for DENEUM will be available on the next day after IEO finished
Deposit of DENEUM will be opened at 19 December

Buy DENEUM Tokens

What it DENEUM?

DENEUM gathers scientists, researchers, experimenters and business leaders around a simple mission: to create a source of clean energy to solve the energy and environmental problems.

The technology is based on low-temperature nuclear fusion, known for no harmful radiation, zero emissions and the use of tiny amounts of abundant non-radioactive materials.

In the most successful experiment, the team managed to get energy equivalent to burning 102 liters of gasoline from 1 gram of nickel in a hydrogen atmosphere. The experiment continuously lasted 225 days. The report is described in detail in the article and presented at the international conference ICCF22 in Italy. Chemical analysis was performed in 6 independent laboratories, including in the USA and Sweden.

Key facts

$720,000 USD was raised in May 2018 within a single day during the only Private Sale round.

The project is led by Dmitry Samoylovskikh, listed on the Forbes 30 to 30 list.

Leading theoretical physicist Fedor Zaitsev represents Russia in the international fusion project ITER with financing of $ 23b USD.

A cooperation agreement with NordPool, the largest electricity exchange in the world, covering 15 European countries.

DENEUM unites 7 laboratories in Europe, Russia and the USA. The main laboratory is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

689 scientific articles - the total number of publications by team members in scientific publications.

Why IEO?

In May 2018, DENEUM raised $720,000 USD during the Private Sale round. Since then team has been expanded, several laboratories have been equipped (including the main laboratory in Tallinn), and the result have been achieved - a reproducible fusion reaction with an excess of thermal energy.

The next stage is the prototype. Preliminary agreements have been reached with several energy companies, venture funds and industrial groups to participate in the investment round, which will be organized through Equity Options as the project approaches the prototype stage.

According to the team, this will require from 18 to 24 months and up to 1.5 million dollars in funding. Creating a source of clean energy for the benefit of everyone, the team follows a strategy to enable everyone to participate in its creation. For this, the project intentionally does not raise funds from funds and state corporations until later stages — instead it develops exclusively through private capital.

Problems that DENEUM solves

The global energy market is valued at $2 trillion. At the same time, today there is not a single technology that would be both safe for humans and nature, reliable and affordable in terms of capital and operating costs. According to UN, if this problem is not resolved in the next 12 years, the consequences for our planet will be irreversible.

Technology outcomes

DENEUM technology is both safe for humans and nature, portable and scalable, and up to 99% cheaper than existing energy sources. Upon reaching the commercial stage, the polluting sources will lose their economic sense, CO2 emissions will begin to decline. In addition, DENEUM technology will make possible such futuristic concepts as electric air / road / water transport with a power supply on board that will travel unlimited distances with almost zero cost and no environmental impact.

DNM Token

One DNM represents 1 MWh of electricity. The token is deliverable, which means that the holder of a certain number of tokens has the right to present DNM for exchange for physical electricity supply. The technical procedure and conditions are described in Whitepaper.

To date, 383,975.42 DNM are in circulation, mainly owned by investors of the Private Sale round, as well as two advisers and several team members.

Advantages for Token

Holders the DNM token is connected to the cost of 1 MWh of electricity.
The average cost of 1 MWh in the wholesale market in Europe is ~ 49 USD.
The cost of DNM in the first round of IEO: 4.90 USD, in the second round: 5.65 USD.
Thus, buying DNM at an early stage, you buy an asset with the possibility of multiple growth for fundamental reasons.

A token cannot cost cheap if the project succeeds, as the possibility of arbitration will open: everyone will be able to buy a token at a low price, receive a supply of electricity and sell it directly to the grid at a higher price.

To purchase electricity, consumers will be purchasing tokens from the market for their subsequent exchange, thereby providing support for token price.

Until December 19, 2019, the already circulating tokens are not allowed to enter the exchange, which means that current token holders are technically unable to impact the prices of the token in the first month of trading.

Additional bonuses, valuable prizes and privileges are provided for the participants of the first round. Find out more about how to get them here.
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