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PAYPOLITAN IEO announcement

Created 20.11.2019 11:48
Dear clients, on 26.11.2019 (20:00 Moscow time) Livecoin Exchange is launching an IEO on PAYPOLITAN (PAN) assets.
IEO end date: 03.12.2019 (20:00 Moscow time)
In case the first round closes ahead of schedule, additional tokensale round will be opened.

You may review the IEO details below.
Asset name: PAYPOLITAN
Trading symbol: PAN
Total amount of tokens: 946,970,000 PAN
Total amount of tokens available for IEO: 5,500,000 PAN
Number of decimal places: 18
Contract address 0xc21cceeaca4e0bac97809ca67c41d387b3d7a85f
Block explorer
Duration: 8 days
Price during IEO: 0.00001073 BTC (0.10 USDT) / 1 PAN
Trading pairs - PAN/BTC, PAN/USDT
Minimum purchase - 100 PAN
During IEO only buy is available.
Unsold tokens will be returned to developers.
Withdraw, deposit and trading for PAYPOLITAN will considered after the end of IEO.


The information below is provided by the developers of the project.


PAYPOLITAN is developing a mobile payment solution for regular bank to bank payments and crypto currencies. We use IBAN to process the transaction. The transaction itself is stored as a smart contract in the blockchain. PAYPOLITAN is the first solution using blockchain technology for securing bank to bank transactions.
Thanks to the European PSD2 regulation which came into force in 2018, we now have access to all bank accounts in Europe as a fintech company. In addition to that, many countries adopted open banking policies which are key to our solution.
Our product is a white label solution targeting especially mobile carriers.
PAYPOLITAN is using a modified ERC-20 standard.

Key facts

Since its foundation in early 2018, the company was fully funded by its founders. A first round of private funding was successfully completed in August 2019.
The project is led by Nils Tharandt Ortiz and Ciprian Petrini.
The core team of PAYPOLITAN has been working together for almost 10 years.
PAYPOLITAN is having offices in France, Germany and Romania. Its corporate head office is based in Tallinn, Estonia.
PAYPOLITAN is targeting a huge market: $ 482 billion non-cash transactions per year. The IBAN bank account number format is used in 105 countries, some using SEPA and/or SWIFT.
PAYPOLITAN received LOI’s from Stolik, a leading Central Asian restaurant reservation and food delivery app. An additional LOI was received from Taxipolitan, a leading French taxi reservation portal.

Why IEO?

After intensive development of its complex architecture, the PAYPOLITAN team is now building the first prototype of its solution. According to the team, this will require up to 18 months and an estimated $ 2 million in funding.
Furthermore, PAYPOLITAN will acquire an e-money license which will be integrated in its payment tool.
Once the prototype is finalized, PAYPOLITAN has to dock its solution to over 1,600 open banking API’s regrouping 6,100 banks in Europe.

Problems that PAYPOLITAN solves

PAYPOLITAN will make payments faster and cheaper. Today, retailers receive credit card payments after 7 to 40 days from the end of the month of the transaction date depending on their respective credit card agreements. Merchants pay 3 – 5 % commission fee to the credit card company plus interest for credit line. With PAYPOLITAN the commission fee will be lower and payment is settled almost instantly.
The PAYPOLITAN solution can be used worldwide and is also adopted for peer-to peer and crypto payments.

PAN Token

The “PAN” token is an utility token. We will issue a total of 946,970,000 tokens.
189,394,000 tokens will be kept in reserve.
757,576,000 will be distributed of which 7.5% are available for purchase during our 3 IEO’s.
PAYPOLITAN is listing 5,500,000 tokens on Livecoin exchange.

Advantages for Tokenholders

The holders of the PAN token have access to the PAYPOLITAN ecosystem.
The cost of PAN in the first round of IEO: 0.10 USD
Thus, buying PAN at an early stage, you buy an asset with the possibility of multiple growth for fundamental reasons.
As PAYPOLITAN is only developing a white label solution, the reach of our solution will be very huge. We are targeting the following distributors who will adopt our solution under their brands to their customers:
- Mobile carriers
- Airlines
- Messaging services
- Gaming
- Commodity services (energy, supermarkets etc.)
- Remittance services

Paypolitan Technology

The Paypolitan platform will use blockchain technology, smart contracts and open banking APIs to provide a next-gen billing solution that meets the needs of modern payment systems for businesses and customers alike. The Paypolitan protocol will be introduced on the Ethereum network, but it will utilize other networks also to develop its token in the future.
The Paypolitan token contract will be a smart token that mediates and stores the ownership of Paypolitan tokens among accounts. It’s a modified version of the ERC20 token contract that adds flexibility to its payment and transfer protocol. The Paypolitan token contract will be the ledger used by Paypolitan to keep track of the account balances, access tokens, transfer contracts, and transfer restrictions associated with the accounts.
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