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MNE news

Created 28.04.2020 09:40
Dear clients, recently MNE developers conducted an Airdrop.
According to Aidrop rules, participants got 32000 MNE, which must be locked for a specified time length. Participants must use personal addresses according Airdrop rules, using of Exchange address is strictly prohibited. It was clearly stated that funds will be irreversibly lost in case of usage of Exchange address. Due to the mentioned above, clients using Livecoin address in the Airdrop, violated the rules, thus, funds deposited in this case are illegal and irreversibly lost. At the moment, MNE trading is available. In the nearest time, old MNE addresses will be deleted (a desperate measure related to Airdrop), please generate new deposit address. DO NOT USE old address for deposit MNE, please generate NEW ONE. Tokens sent to old deposit address will be irreversibly lost. Deposit/withdrawal will be available soon.
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