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Dear customers, we are paying rewards to you for keeping your funds at our Exchange, at the moment there are several assets participating in this program (please, check the list below). To participate in this program, you just deposit any amount of coins from the list below (the greater the amount, the higher your monthly reward). The funds at your open orders are also included, which means, you may trade them. We calculate the time you keep your funds within the reference period, and draw an average value. Even if the funds have been at balance for 1 day, you will get your reward anyway. Once in a month we shall credit your reward in the form of regular deposits through an internal transfer to your account.

How we gain profit: some coins allow getting a profit by means of staking/minting function, i.e. full node do some POS work and get reward depending on the amount of funds in the wallet. Some developers grant funds for ProfitBox, which we spend over time. We do setup node for staking, take 90% of coins of our clients and put them into the staking node. Later, we spread additional coins which we got by staking among our clients, monthly. This is not a pyramid or HYIP, income is absolutely safe, there is no chance to get losses, we don't trade your coins or do any risky activity. All coins are at the addresses of staking node and nothing is happening with coins.

For developers: we can include your coin into the program (this will cost you nothing), if you have minting/staking, or you ready to provide some funds for your asset promotion among our customers. Contact us via email: [email protected]

Please, find below the list of assets, which are participating in the program at the moment, or have been before, or will be in the future:
  1. ZBC – available, participating.
  2. TER - available, participating.
  3. TWC - available, participating.
  4. EMS - available, participating.
  5. GAS - available, participating (to get a reward, it is necessary to hold NEO on the balance).
  6. STRAT - available, participating.
  7. XSPEC - available, participating.
  8. CLOAK - available, participating.
  9. BLK - available, participating.
  10. SMA - available, participating.
  11. PZM - available, participating.
  12. SCIFI - available, participating.
  13. CAPS - available, participating.
  14. GPL2 - available, participating.
  15. KED - available, participating.
  16. QBT - available, participating.
  17. BUK2 - available, participating.
  18. ASAFE2 – available, participating.
  19. GES – available, participating.
  20. LEO – was in the program before. At the moment moved to Ethereum blockchain, not participating anymore.
  21. CTF - was in the program before. Funds provided by developer exhausted.
Past payoffs record:
  1. DASH – under development.
  2. PPC – in test mode.
  3. NMC – in test mode.

Liquidity-providing program. The program of providing liquidity to market makers, or, in other words, the program of lending your assets to market makers, is run in test mode now. We guarantee a 100% refund of your assets. The market maker guarantees getting a non-fixed profit, the program hasn’t been launched in a release version, mainly because it is impossible to guarantee a fixed annual profit yet. The profit could reach 3% to 50% annually, depending on the market maker’s success.
You may find the main assets run in a test mode below:
  1. BTC (5 - 50% annual)
  2. ETH (3 - 40% annual)
  3. USDT (5 – 10% annual)
  4. XRP (3 – 20% annual)
  5. LTC (5 – 50% annual)
  6. BCH (5 – 25% annual)
  7. EOS (5 – 40% annual)
  8. XLM (5 – 30% annual)

Participation in this lending program cannot be started automatically, at the moment we are working in a test mode with some customers only. We hope to launch the program for everybody in the nearest future.
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