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What is digital asset?

Bitcoin was the first digital fully decentralized Peer-to-Peer currency. Over the years, other digital assets, using the same technology, were developed – faster and more scalable than Bitcoin, now are there are at least a few thousands of them - nevertheless, the core feature of all cryptocurrencies remain the same: the rates of digital assets are based solely on trust, are defined exclusively by supply and demand. Unlike fiat money, cryptocurrencies have no regulatory institutions (central banks or states) targeting to reach a certain level of liquidity, oblige itself and/or others to accept payments in cryptocurrencies or artificially decrease their value by additional emissions.
Cryptocurrency is electronic cash by definition, not a debt obligation of the issuer, which distinguishes it from traditional electronic money and non-cash payments.

How can I use digital assets?

To date, cryptocurrencies are widely used in any transactions made via the worldwide web.
Here are some examples of cryptocurrencies applications:
  • Payment for goods and services worldwide
  • Transferring funds to different payment processing systems whilst paying minimal fees
  • Storage of funds as protection against devaluation

Why do people choose digital assets?

The digital assets have several advantageous benefits compared to any other currency:
  • It is a secure and confidential currency
  • It is a world currency
  • Fees when using cryptocurrency are many times less than when using any other money
  • Digital asset is not subject to devaluation
  • It is not a property of any state and cannot be prohibited
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