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Tremiss (STS) IEO

Creado 16.05.2019 08:35
Dear clients, on 16.05.2019 Livecoin Exchange is launching an IEO on Tremiss (STS) asset. IEO end date: 29.05.2019
You may review the IEO details below.

Asset name: Tremiss
Trading symbol: STS
Total amount of tokens issued: 111,837,529.00
Total amount of tokens available in IEO: 100,000,000.00
Number of decimal places: 18
Contract address
The block explorer
Duration: 14 days
Linear price: 0.0002 ETH for 1 STS
During IEO only buy is available. Sell will be available after IEO is finished.
Unsold tokens will be traded at the Exchange at 0.0003 ETH for 1 STS.
The tokens distribution breakdown:
IEO: 100,000,000 STS
Team and marketing: 11,837,529.00 STS

Media channels:
Official site

After the Tremiss IEO is concluded, 2 million STS coins will be distributed among the customers in proportion to the amounts of STS coins they bought.
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