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ThaneCoin contest

Créé 09.10.2018 19:30
Dear Customers, the developers of TPI (ThaneCoin) are inviting You to participate in a contest with valuable awards. The contest will be carried out from October 1, 2018 through October 31, 2018.Traders with largest amount of TPI on account at Livecoin will be awarded; the balance will be verified on Wednesday (October 31) at 10 A.M. GMT
Please, note, that only the coins, purchased during the contest, will be taken into account. The coins, which have been purchased earlier and credited to the balances already, will not be included when distributing the prizes of the contest.
Winners will be awarded in TPI. Coins will be deposited to your Livecoin account. There will be 100 Winners.
List of award amount per place is given below:
1 place 800 TPI
2 place 400 TPI
3-10 place 100 TPI
11-50 place 50 TPI
51-100 place 20 TPI
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