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Second Round of IEO Roobee: Opening the second stage!

Créé 25.09.2019 22:53
Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you about the successful completion of the second round of IEO Roobee.
Due to the numerous requests to prolong the IEO and due to the limited number of tokens for sale it was decided to launch the second stage of this round!
Therefore, the Livecoin exchange together with the Roobee team announces the opening of the second part of the Roobee IEO round two.

Terms of the second part of IEO round
Token Price: 0.00000165 BTC
Allocation volume: 23,000,000 Roobee

If you have not purchased Roobee tokens yet, then the second round is the opportunity to purchase tokens as part of IEO and automatically participate in the drawing of valuable prizes: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, as well as Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro.
You can find out the details of the contest here: link

In addition, the Roobee team bonuses for users of the Livecoin exchange will also be valid for the second part of the round!
More information about bonuses here: link

Also, you can take a part in the soft-staking program in order to receive up to 22% of bonus Roobee tokens and take part in another prize draw, and by the way, one of the prizes is the iPhone X!
Learn more about soft-staking: link

Hurry up to participate in the Roobee IEO to get bonuses, win one of the valuable prizes, or an x2 token multiplier and take a part in Roobee soft-staking program!

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Disclaimer: The distribution and drawing of prizes will be carried out by the Roobee team

What is Roobee

Roobee is a blockchain based investment platform, that uses AI and transparent statistics in order to help people make smart investments.

Roobee will allow people to build portfolios with such investment products, which are currently inaccessible to ordinary investors. Users will have an opportunity to invest in real-estate, promising startups, venture and investment funds, IPOs, stocks and cryptocurrency projects, with a minimum entry threshold of only $10! It will be possible to invest both with cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Important facts about the project

Roobee has already obtained support from the world-famous «crypto-whales». For example, one of the 250 largest bitcoin-holders (more than 7,000 BTC in the wallet) instantly closed the first stage of the private IEO round for the Roobee project with a 200 BTC transaction.He transacted the amount of 200 BTC (approximately 1 million dollars) through a transit wallet to the Roobee wallet and accompanied it with the message "In Roobee I Trust". An article about this can be found on Bloomberg.

Also, the Roobee project has got support from the well-known Asian blockchain company Krypital. They are going to provide the project with comprehensive support including investments, assistance in expansion in the Asian market and consultations on further development. Krypital has already been supporting such successful projects as Egretia (showed 10.7x at a certain point after ICO), CyberMiles (showed 11.2x at a certain point after ICO), Arcblock (showed 3.26x at a certain point after ICO). The company also has 3 foundations to support startups.

The Roobee team is working on a competent token introduction to the market. That is why within a month Roobee will be listed on 5 major exchanges, including the leading exchange in one of the largest Asian regions!

More than a hundred of the world's leading media outlets writе about Roobee, among them: Forbes,, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Asahi, CCN, 8btc, Zhihu, Entrepreneur, Reuters, Wall Street China, and others.

The Roobee business model has been tested by thousands of users, and the community of potential investors has exceeded 300,000 people. The test Roobee system has processed the equivalent of $15 million in total.

The Roobee team is passionately working on the product. The project’s MVP is already in the closed testing stage. We would also like to note that the mobile application is currently under active development, which means that we will be able to see the Roobee mobile application in the App Store and Google Play already in October! Additionally, a focus group of the most enthusiastic members of the Roobee community is getting ready to start testing of the Roobee web version!

Roobee has already integrated a number of tried-and-tested technologies from market leaders, such as Bitgo - for secure storage or Sum & Sub for KYC. Roobee works with ITI Funds, Blockize, SmartDec and other partners!

The development of the project is being carried out by a team of more than 30 people, who previously worked for Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Lazada, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Banca Intesa and other high-profile companies.

Leading developer of the Roobee blockchain is the winner of the world's largest Ethereum hackathon - ETH Waterloo (over 400 developers participated in it). The judges and speakers at this event were Vitalik Buterin (the creator of Ethereum) and other world-famous developers.

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