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IEO start on iExchange asset was postponed to October 10.

Créé 08.10.2019 09:55
Dear Clients,
IEO start on iExchange asset was postponed to October 10. (15:00 Moscow time)
End date of IEO: October 22 (23.00 Moscow time).
You can see the parameters of IEO below:

Asset Name: iExchange
Trade Symbol: IEX
Total Tokens Available in IEO: 30,000,000 IEX
Number of decimal places: 4
Contract Address: tradeiexcoin
Block Explorer:
IEO Duration: 13 days
Price 0.0000011 BTC for 1 IEX
Trading pairs - IEX / BTC
Minimum purchase amount - 1000 IEX

During the IEO, only a purchase is possible.We will inform you about the opening tradind date of the in the news.
Unsold tokens will be returned to developers. IEX withdrawal will be open the day after IEO is completed.

The information below is provided by the developers of the project

About the project

iExchange — high security trading and investment blockchain platform.

A regulated, multifunctional trading and investment platform that provides non-banking cryptocurrency investment tools with a flexible risk management mechanism. The main feature of the platform is the possibility to perform cryptocurrency operations for both individuals and legal entities in an absolutely legal way.

Buy iExchange Tokens

Buy tokens and get a bonus!

We don't give bonuses that will then collapse the exchange rate!
We encourage investors by offering exclusive conditions to use our products.
We approach each investor individually, depending on his needs and the number of purchased coins.
For exclusive terms and conditions, please contact us at [email protected]

We will draw valuable prizes and tokens doublers among all IEO participants on the Livecoin exchange.

Why invest in our project?


iExchange is a regulated platform, resident of High Technologies Park, which operates within legal bounds in accordance with Decree No. 8 «On Development of Digital Economy».

Officially registered legal entity Cryptotrade LLC.

Certificate of residence in HTP

Decree No. 8 creates legal basis for the circulation of cryptocurrencies, and all blockchain applications are legalized. High Technologies Park of the Republic of Belarus (HTP) performs the functions of the regulator.

In order to be able to legally perform operations with cryptocurrencies, a company must become an HTP resident. All applicants are subject to strict requirements to ensure information security, solvency, compliance with KYC and AML policies, availability of necessary technical infrastructure, qualified personnel, etc. Compliance with these requirements should be confirmed by an independent external audit conducted by one of the «Big Four»companies.
Compliance with all requirements is a guarantee of reliability and success of the company.

Complete list of requirements for applicant companies


In May-June 2019 Ernst & Young LLC (Ernst & Young) conducted an audit of compliance with the requirements of the "Regulations on the requirements to be met by individual applicants for registration as HTP residents" of Cryptotrade LLC.

Audit result for Cryptotrade LLC:Successful.

This means that the audit was passed without reservations and comments, and confirmed full compliance of Cryptotrade LLC with all requirements of the regulator.
Official press release

The company's obligations include annual audits by the Big Four company. In addition to general and financial audits, the company is required to regularly undergo an external independent technical audit, confirming the reliability and fault tolerance of the software used.

Authorized Capital $1 000 000

One of the main requirements of the regulator is the contribution of the authorized capital in the amount of $1,000,000. This money cannot actually be used, it must be permanently held on the company's accounts.
In the event of the company's bankruptcy, these funds, as well as all other assets of the company, will be blocked by the regulator and will be used to repay obligations to clients.

Complete Product

The most dangerous period for IEO investors is already behind, the project has been implemented and generates income. iExchange token is backed up by a real and highly profitable business — a functioning trading and investment platform.

Buy iExchange Tokens

IEXcoin Token

IEXcoin token (IEX) is designed as an integral part of iExchange ecosystem.
The token is implemented on EOS blockchain;
Symbol: IEX;
Initial cost of 1 IEX = 0.0000011 BTC;
Contract address: tradeiexcoin;
Block Explorer:

Token Use

IEXcoin token holders receive more favorable conditions on iExchange, additional bonuses, significant discounts on commissions and other service fees.

Significant discounts on:

  • Cryptocurrency trading fees;
  • Futures and ETF trading fees;
  • Copy trading service fees;
  • Fiat funds withdrawal fees;
  • Listing of new coins;
  • Conducting IEO;
  • iExchange services as an IEO/ICO organizer;
  • Custodial service;
  • Asset management service.

Why will IEXcoin token price go up?

  1. Regulation and audit make the token attractive to investors.
  2. The current business — investment platform iExchange, provides the economic basis for the token.
  3. Constant and growing demand. IEXcoin is a utility-token used in all platform products launched in 2019-2020. The offer is limited and additional emission is not possible. The token is actively used in margin trading of derivatives, which will be launched before the end of this year.
  4. Listing on large exchanges is scheduled for the end of October 2019.
Buy iExchange Tokens
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