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EXMO Coin IEO announcement

Créé 08.11.2019 21:27
Dear clients, on November 13 (17:00 Moscow Time) on Livecoin exchange, there will be IEO launch for EXMO Coin (EXM) asset.

IEO end date: November 18 (17:00 Moscow Time)

You may review the IEO details below.

Asset name: EXMO Coin
Trade symbol: EXM
Total amount of tokens issued: 2,000,000,000
Total amount of tokens available in IEO: 50 000 000 EXM
Number of decimal places: 8
Contract address: 0x83869de76b9ad8125e22b857f519f001588c0f62
The block explorer
IEO duration: 5 days
Price: 0.000001 BTC per 1 EXM
Trading pairs - EXM/BTC
Minimum purchase - 1 EXM
During IEO only buy is available

Unsold tokens will be returned to the developers and disposed of by burning
Entry and free trading on EXM will be open three days after IEO completion
Withdrawal of EXM tokens will be immediately after IEO completion

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The information below is provided by the developers of the project.

About EXMO

Exmo cryptocurrency platform has been on the market for more than 6 years. It is Top-1 in the ranking among the exchanges of Eastern Europe. At the moment, there are over 1.6 million users registered on the platform, hundreds of thousands of active traders, more than 160 trading pairs, 6 fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, PLN, UAH, EUR), average trading volume per month is more than $1.5 billion. EXMO platform is registered in London, the company has offices in London, Moscow, Kiev and Istanbul.

In addition to standard operations, the exchange offers IEO, OTC trading, VIP service, fast API, enhanced cashback and merchant service (possibility for any business to accept payment in cryptocurrency).


About EXMO Coin (EXM)

EXMO Coin (EXM) is a token of the platform’s internal ecosystem, which is implemented on Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with all wallets according to ERC-20 standard. The token implementation into the platform ecosystem will take place gradually; you can see more detailed project tokenomics here.

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What are the advantages for the token holders?

Token holders will be able to save on trading commissions, to get increased referral payments, to use the services of copy trading, cloud mining, to name just a few. EXM token holders will also be able to vote for listing and delisting of coins.

Less tokens - larger demand!!

EXMO team has provided a procedure for quarterly burning of tokens. All tokens received from the purchase of premium Cashback rate on the platform will be disposed - up to 50% of the total turnover.

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