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Bitcoffeen contest

Créé 15.02.2020 10:37
Dear customers, BFF are inviting You to participate in a contest with valuable awards.
The competition will be held from February 15,2020 to February 20, 2020

Traders with the largest number of BFF tokens bought during the period from 10:00 a.m. 15.02.20 (GMT+3) till 10:00 a.m. 20.02.20 (GMT+3) on Livecoin exchange will get prizes.
To take part in the deal, you have to purchase and to keep on the balance during the deal period BFF tokens.
The winners will be awarded BFF tokens credited to their accounts at Livecoin Exchange.
The number of winning places - 37

List of award amount per place is given below:

1 place (1 winner) - 100 USD
2 place (2 winners) - 50 USD each
3 place (4 winners) - 25 USD each
4 place (10 winners) - 10 USD each
5 place (20 winners) - 5 USD each
The second contest will be held among the TOP 50 traders who showed the highest trading volumes for BFF (Bitcoffeen) token on Livecoin exchange.
The prize fund will be 1000 USD.
Details of the 2nd contest will be published in a week.
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