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Veros swap

Créé 05.03.2020 22:11
Dear clients! In the near future, there will be a swap and switch to a new VRS contract on our exchange at the developers’ request.
The swap has already taken place on the official wallet

The name and the ticker remained the same: VEROS (VRS)
The new contract: 0xAbC430136A4dE71c9998242de8c1b4b97d2b9045

The project team decided to help users who did not participate in the switch to the new version of VRS 3.0 token.
Users who have not transferred tokens to the platform's official wallet before March 2, 2020 (who have not passed KYC) will not participate in the token defrosting program.
Old VRS 2.0 tokens will be exchanged on the exchange based on 1: 100 exchange rate; so, for 100 old VRS coins you will get 1 new coin. Take into account the exchange ratio during placing orders.
Please do not send the old coins, they will not be credited.
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