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VEROS swap completed

Créé 07.03.2020 16:04
Dear clients, we have completed the VRS swap, held upon request of the asset developers
Input/withdrawal and trading will be open in the nearest time, after getting new coins from developers.

Please, note, that the developers have changed the contract, don't transfer your coins from the old contract, your funds won't be credited.
The name and the ticker remained the same: VEROS (VRS)
The new contract: 0xAbC430136A4dE71c9998242de8c1b4b97d2b9045
Old VRS 2.0 tokens will be exchanged on the exchange based on 1: 100 exchange rate; so, for 100 old VRS coins you will get 1 new coin. Take into account the exchange ratio during placing orders.
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