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EmerSSL news

Created 13.09.2019 15:10
Dear clients! In response to your numerous requests, we now offer you an option that is an alternative to a Google 2FA for authorization to your account – via decentralized emerSSL certificate.
This approach is completely new and keeps pace with the development of the cryptocurrency world.
Using emerSSL for authorization allows you to log in to your account by clicking just one button, without entering your login and password. If you decide to use emerSSL and Google 2FA at the same time, you will have to enter a one-time password from Google 2FA. To withdraw money, to change safety settings, email, etc. – standard methods will be used according to the Safety Level selected by you.

Please note that we don’t carry out training on how to use emerSSL – please read the manual for its application following the links below.

Developer’s Manual
Setting up an EmerSSL certificate news
External Manuals on emerSSL whitepaper and
Users’ reviews here and here

We would like to bring to your attention that the documentation describes only shell scripts with which a certificate was generated. But now the GUI-wallet has an inbuilt mechanism of certificate generation and update. For this, you have to go to “Manage Names/SSL”, and click to the “New certificate” button.
Before using this method of authorization, please make an independent weighted decision having estimated all advantages, disadvantages and risks of this method. We don’t provide any guarantees for its usage – this is your personal choice.
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