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ProfitBox news

Created 07.12.2018 12:57
Dear clients, we're happy to announce expanding of our ProfitBox revenue program, 11 new assets has been included in ProfitBox, now full list of assets is the following: EMC, PPC, CLOAC, BLK, NVC, XSPEC, STRAT, FORTYTWO, TER, ZBC, TWC, NEO (GAS).
The main point of the program is that you can get revenue without doing anything, just holding your funds in Livecoin account. If you want to participate, you have to top up your account with any amount of mentioned above assets (the more coins you hold in your account, the more profit you get). Funds in open orders are also counted. Once in a month we distribute revenue on the mentioned above assets in accordance with your balance of one or another asset during the calculated time-range (usually one month). We count weighed average values of asset for the last 30 days for your account and based on this value we pay your share from the whole amount of staked/minted coins in the calculated period.
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