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We can run IEO/ICO for your coin, contact us via

  • For tokens: fee for IEO/ICO split in 2 parts, one-time payment for listing and small part of raised amount during the IEO/ICO.
  • Coins with own blockchain: you can pay one-time fee and that's all, or split fee in two parts as mentioned above.

Dear developers, we can list almost any asset, but the priority is given to standard ERC-20 Ethereum tokens. We can also list tokens on Lisk, Waves, Bitshares, EOS, TRON and any other platforms represented at our Exchange. Any other coins can be listed, too, on individual terms. Listing procedure for tokens is quite fast, it takes 1-2 days in case we reached the agreement with you. Please, send all your questions regarding the listing to this address:

Please, specify the following information in your application:

Token name (Bitcoin, for instance)
Trading symbol (BTC, for example)
If your token is based on ETH, WAVES, LISK or BITSHARES, make sure to specify the contract address or asset ID!

We need only technical data regarding your asset, please, do not send any promotional.

Please find terms of termination of services below. You agree with these terms if you send us an application:

  • Any conflicts with the law, and any claims from police authorities (including any financial service authorities like SEC, FCA, etc.) to your asset.
  • Security breach in your blockchain/node/wallet.
  • Trading activity of your token is close to zero for a long time (a month or longer).
  • Failure to report or late report to Livecoin of any technical issues, attacks, hacks of blockchain, especially when financial losses were incur

We don't send advertising letters with listing offers. The only thing we do is reviewing your requests for listing. If you received an advertising letter from us, please make technical review of the letter (because we don't send such letters), you will discover that this is a scam or phishing letter. We recommend you to delete such letter.
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